Nationalist Conservatism and the New Republican Party


First of Id like to speak to the conservatives among us. Those who believe in the principles that the Republican party has stood for in years past. I say this with love, but the conservative principles you stand for have been killed by the Republican establishment. They have gutted it and wear it as a skin to give respectability to their neoconservative principles. Principles which call on us to outsource every job we possibly can and then when the “new economy” jobs come in to hand them over as well with H1b visas. Principles which call on us to engage in every single hot spot in the world to bleed out our blood and treasure in foreign battlefields with no benefit to the country. I suspect you know this as well as you have rejected the establishment too. While we appreciate the moral virtues of conservatism we cannot go back to its economic virtues that have hurt the country so much.

Next I would like to address the people who support Trump, fellow sons and daughters of the revolution. We have to step up our game. The conservatives in our party are scared. In us they see a force that will destroy the old order of the society with no plans to replace it with something better. The world knows we seek to cast down the republican establishment. Yet when asked what we want to replace it with we shout with a thousand different voices. Most of these voices shout the same thing but confuse the issue because we say it in many different ways. We need to make people understand that we do have a coherent idea of what we would like the party to look like moving forward. They see in us a fire that destroys, we must show that we are also a fire that brings life and warmth. The responsibility ultimately lies with us as Trump is just a figurehead. It is up to us to decide where the movement goes.

To this end I have made some principles for an ideology I call Nationalist Conservatism. We not only seek to conserve our values and the constitution but also to conserve the economic potential of the United States and the standard of living of its people. It seeks to put America first in all considerations and places the best interests of the country and its people over and above the best interests of everyone else in the globe as we are doing now. It seeks to marry the economic nationalism we find so important with the moral conservatism so important to the movement. It seeks to help us understand that there are many different cultures living inside the US but at the end of the day we are all Americans before we are african- americans, latino americans, or asian americans and that anything that benefits America benefits us all.

Lastly before I put in the primer I want to address people fears. They are afraid of Trump because they dont know what he will bring. I tell you this I am afraid of Clinton because I know exactly what she would bring. Four more years of jobs and wealth getting removed from the country and spread around the globe are left unemployed and starving. I would rather be uncertain in victory rather than certain in defeat.

1. The US is not the worlds policeman nor is it the worlds nanny.Every war or famine that starts on earth is not our problem. In fact it should be considered criminal to insist that it is while we are not even able to supply one of our cities with potable water. If Russia or China want to take down ISIS for us then let them, why should be the one to pay the cost in lives or money. Let me be clear though we have allies who love and support us, the philippines, japan, and south korea to name a few. If any of our allies who support us ever get into trouble we should definitely help with all the aid we can. If a country that hates us like Syria or Iraq get into trouble they should look to their friends for help.

2. No more corporate welfareJust like everyone else corporations should be forced to compete for our business. If tax cuts are given it should be given to the poor and middle class so that they can decide as consumers which companies will survive. We need a website to list down companies that use illegal labor or H1b visas to drive American citizens out of work. Then the people can decide whether to purchase from them or not. I call this “trickle up” economics. After all if you give the tax break to someone poor or middle class then they will spend it inside the economy helping to grow business in that economy. Whereas giving the tax break to the rich just leads them to invest in other countries.

3. Like there are benefits to being an American Citizen there should be benefits to being an American Company. There should also be even more special treatment for American companies who employ mostly American citizens. Preferential treatment in government contracts, lower tax rates, earlier and exclusive access to some markets. This is not welfare as they will have to pay for this via taxes. It is no secret that while we may lower the tax rate we will close loopholes so the effective rate will be higher. We need to provide an incentive to those companies to stay with us instead of inverting. Corporations who choose to stay headquartered in the US and contribute to this economy should be rewarded and corporations who choose to move to another country should look to that one for their rewards.

4. Social issues while important should be secondary to economic ones and should be left to the states. The culture in New York city would be vastly different to that of Charleston or Tampa so that while gay marriage and abortion would be acceptable in one it may not be acceptable in the other. I would even include the death penalty in this item. We should let states figure that out. In this issue it should be ok to have differences, the republican party in new York may have a different view of the republican party in Iowa. Jesus always told his followers the proper things to do but he never forced them to follow. We should be free to tell each other why we are wrong and how to follow the moral path but we should never force obedience.

5. Each Trade deal must be viewed by its own merits. We have gotten to the point where anything that says free trade is good and anything that says protectionism is bad. Each deal is unique. If protectionist policies would benefit us in that treaty then lets go for it. If free trade would then lets do that. The government must realize that one of its responsibilities is to protect the people from external threats and in this day and age onerous trade agreements are part of those threats

6. Each diplomatic situation must be viewed by its own merits. Like trade we have gotten in the mindset that exporting democracy is good. If it would serve our interests in a particular country then fine if letting them live in the dictatorship they choose to would serve then that is fine as well. After all we are not the worlds police or its nanny. Other countries have their own moral compasses that they choose to follow. If they wish to live under a dictatorship and it would not be to our best interest to change that we should let them.

7. Laws must be followed by all. Currently we have two protected classes, illegal aliens and establishment (corporate or political) leaders. We must make sure that anyone who is caught breaking the law must be punished to its full extent. We must also make sure that we foster an environment that does not encourage law breaking

8. Growing our economy by demand not supply. We must make sure that our policies put money into the hands of the people who would most likely spend the money inside the country as opposed to those who would bring it outside. This creates new businesses and jobs as companies have to increase their supply to meet the new demand. Best of all since the power is in the hands of the people it allows us to reward companies which have practices we approve of and refuse to purchase from those we dont. We need a culture of consumer activisim to correct the behavior of companies that we cannot legislate.

9. If war must be fought then let war be fought. People say it is criminal to use certain tactics during war. I say it is criminal to send troops into a country then tell them they cannot fight back and must line up to be shot. If this causes negative backlash in some parts of the world then good. Maybe the world will finally realize that war is a bad thing and must only be entered upon when all other options are exhausted. War must not be sanitized, people must realize that war and violence should be the last option to be entertained instead of the first as it is now. As Wellington said “there is nothing so terrible as a war won except a war lost”. For the world to get back to the path of peace it must realize this.

I hope this at least starts a discussion on what the new Republican party will look like after it rises from the ashes of the old one. If you like this please share it or put it in your blog so that people realize that we do want something better for the USA.

Remember Trump may have brought this to the national spotlight but this is ultimately our revolution and its success or failure is up to us. Trump is just a figure head. We must be the ones to convince the world that we are striving towards something better than what we have now.


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