Nationalist Conservatives should keep Obamacare and focus on the real problem

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As many of you know I am for Trump but I would keep Obama Care. Not because it is a particularly good bill. I think it is a payoff to obamas insurance lobbyists. I say keep it because your not going to get anything better. Fighting over this now causes nothing productive as we have not dealt with the root cause.

We have a principle called GIGO. Garbage in, Garbage out. If the input you put into your analysis is garbage then your result will be flawed too. This is the case in obama care. Instead of a healthcare system detrimental to the poor because it excluded them it now is one detrimental to the middle class because it charges them more. It doesn’t matter what you come up with because the variables are so bad that you will always have a bad solution.

At the heart of this problem is Drug Prices. Simply put the US has no ceiling on drug prices and you can set whatever prices you want, while other countries have a set ceiling to control healthcare costs. Do this and the rest of the healthcare costs fall naturally. Obamacare may even work then.

Why pay the higher cost though. Seems like a no brainer. Here is where nationalism kicks in. We pay the higher costs so that companies will be able to recoup the prices for the drugs they research here as they will not be able to do it in other countries as there is a ceiling.

Think about that. United States Citizens pay higher prices for drugs so that it can be developed then Germans, French, and everyone else buy it at controlled prices.

Why are we ok with this? Again if you haven’t heard this yet the US is effectively a colony. We pay for the defense of the motherland (eu) and other colonies cannibalize ours (like mexico and india). Now we see we pay for their healthcare as well.

We need to either join the rest of the world in controlling prices or ask everyone else to remove their price controls.

Once that happens we can see whether obama care works or not. Any discussion on it in the meantime is useless.


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