Soul of the Candidates


People like to ask me why I support Trump. They of course expect to hear a certain policy that I agree with but its deeper than that. I believe that based on their characters Trump is the only one who is helped by helping the country.

One of the philosophers I read said “The only thing that matters is a mans soul everything else is dross” Basically his inner character which everything he does is consistent with. The candidates position may change from time to time but their internal driving force will not.

Trump – His soul is that of an egomaniac. He believes that he is so good that he deserves a spot at Mount Rushmore and all he needs to do that is become president. He doesn’t really care about America he cares about himself and his legacy. It just so happens that doing exactly what the country needs is what buys him his legendary status. Im confident he cant be bought because he already operates under a different currency. The dollar and cents part of his life is over and its now about his place in history. If you look at Bill Gates you will see a lot of this as well. He seems inflexible about some of his ideas like the wall and trade not because he thinks that it is morally right but because in order for him to suceed at the task it needs to happen. Its not a dogmatic abortion is wrong thing but rather a we need bricks before we can make a house thing. If reality suddenly changes and globlization becomes the best policy he would back that.

Kasich- His soul is that of a middle manager. You know the type. Moderately successful, does what is needed of him and is generally happy with the way things are in his company. If he gets another promotion great, if not then that’s ok too. Yes he takes bribes but only because everyone else does it too. Out of everyone he is the only one who doesn’t really want to be President and could care less if he is not elected.He is only running now because it is expected of him.

Cruz – His soul is that of a religious zealot. A crusader from the middle ages. He doesn’t necessarily believe his ideas will be whats best for the country but he will do it because it is what is right. Due to the holy nature of his quest he believes that anything he does to get there is forgiven which is where Iowa and the numerous things you hear about in the trail come from. This is where the super pac money comes in too as he just takes them then gives them what they need later on because whatever he does will be forgiven.

Sanders – His soul is that of an innocent child. He believes in all his ideas and believes in the best of everyone else. If they would only listen to him they would be better of. The problem is an innocent child does not see how people could take advantage of his policies nor how they would work together. For example open borders and free healthcare for all. He does not really believe that the Central and South American countries would not encourage their people to go take advantage of that.

Clinton – Her soul is that of a noble. She believes she is so far above everyone that the presidency is hers by birthright and that she should not have to follow the laws that everyone else does. This is why you have her email scandal where she made sure only she, not the government yahoo google or anybody else had access to her emails and could hold her accountable . This is also the reason she holds fundraisers in the middle of the primaries. She believes that she will get voted in no matter what she does. If you looked at her in 2008 thats how she acted then too. If she were alive hundreds of years ago she would have said “let them eat cake”

Vote Trump 🙂


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