Cuban Mistress Crisis


Mormons love Cruz because he is the closest candidate to Joseph Smith. 32 more to go!


Cruz gave voters an envelope with the check inside. 8 mistresses had cruz inside


Cruz says he is the only one who can beat Trump. He is on his eight mistress trump is only on his third wife


iowans got mail that said election alert. 8 voters got an erection alert.


Carson went to Florida to pick up some clothers. Cruz went to pick up some babes.


Cruz said he would make the sand glow. He actually meant he would give pregnancy glows


Ted cruz hates Islam because you can only have 4 wives. He needed a religion with 9.


for the people of Iowa, voter violation only included mail. 8 voters had a new level of voter violation


Cruz is so pro-life he needs to make it 8 at a time


Cruz tried to apply to join islam. They said he has too many wives


I dont know why they call cruz racist. He has a mistress for every race!


Cruz said he doesnt need 72 virgins. He will get that by the end of his first term


Cruz said he could beat Donald Trump. We didnt realize it meant in number of wives.


Trump is so persuasive he got 8 girls to sleep with Cruz. No wonder he blames him!




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