Race Traitors >: (


*this is a spoof*

I agree with my fellow progressive liberals that donald trump is a racist

The problem is there is an increasing number of african americans endorsing or expressing admiration of trump

What do we do about this??

Dennis Rodman – He may also be a north korean spy. It is also not clear whether he was on drugs at the time of endorsement


Pastor Darrell Scott- He says he has Trumps ear so Trump may be wearing an artificial ear now


Diamond and Silk- said “black lives matter? Your dumbass lives dont matter to the democrats! They sent you to prison!”


Charles Evers – 1969 MAN OF THE YEAR OF THE NAACP!!!!!!! revoke his membership!!!!


Louis Farrakhan- only praises Trump but did not outright endorse so he may get a pass


Mike Tyson- Boxing may have damaged his brain


National Black Republican Association – They are black and republican so they dont count


Pastor James David Manning – he criticized Obama!!!!


Shawn Merriman – If he wasnt a football player he would probably be a thug anyway


Ben Carson – Like the endorsement of a knife fighter means a lot


Diamond and Silk even have a video with instructions on how you can switch from the Democratic Party to the republican party!!

Fellow Progressive Liberals what can we do against African Americans endorsing the Racist Donald Trump!!!!


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