Seeing Beyond the Veil


I wanted to take the time to explain this ad to everyone. It actually is a good example of why Trump plays the game at a level above everyone else and why I think he will eventually become President.

This video was widely mocked as something that was not relevant and had no bearing on the issues. If you hear someone say that don’t listen to them anymore they have no idea what they are talking about.

Before I begin with the video itself let me point out that the ad is 15 sec long. Its purposely designed to be played not in networks, nor in youtube but in social media. This may be the first ad we have seen designed for social media and the free coverage it gets.

Now on to the ad itself.

At its lowest level it gets you to laugh at Hillary and if your mind is in that mindset lets you think of Hillary as a female dog. The comparison is apt because she has always had a reputation as someone who is unlikeable and who thinks she is better than other people. Just running a search on how she treats her secret service detail tells you this.

At its standard level it reminds you how ineffective Hillary has been. Russia was able to annex Crimea. ISIS was able to take Syria. The Chinese encroach on the Spratly’s and buy up more and more American businesses. What has Hillary been able to do? Well it shows you exactly what in this commercial. Bark like a dog, with no effect.

At its highest level we have to look at its context. Remember this ad was released right around the time Trump said he could have asked Romney to drop to his knees for his endorsement. Hillary is already seen as a unbelievably corrupt politician. Trumps ad shows that to people with money Hillary will bark like a dog like Romney will drop to his knees. The power relationship is also there. Trump is the customer, Hillary is not even the vendor. She is the merchandise.

Cruz will never be able to make an ad like this. He runs a brilliant data driven campaign, which has been done over and over again by his predecessors. There is no spark of innovation that changes the game. They failed then just as Cruz will fail now.

With Trump vs Clinton we are headed for a realignment year where all states are up for grabs in both sides. With Clinton vs Cruz we are headed for another guaranteed defeat. After all Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.




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