The Black Problem


I say this next line with love not hate, in the hope that bringing the issue into the open will help our African-American brothers find their voice. Blacks have disenfranchised themselves. Through party loyalty, elite maneuvering, and outright idiocy of one of the political parties the African-American community has found themselves in a situation where they have no party willing to represent them.

First let’s start of with the facts. In recent history blacks have voted for democrats 90-95% of the time. In a democracy that’s as close as your going to get to a unanimous decision. They have shown overwhelmingly that they favor the Democrats over the Republicans and based on the actions of the past they have every right to do so. The democrats favored civil rights, minimum wage laws, as well as a host of other things that were useful to the black community. In the past as democrats were wooing black voter Republicans did nothing to try to hang on to them as well, instead focusing on the wishes of the donor class which led to the mass defection. This was a very good move for the African-American community in the past but no longer in the future.

Let me cut away to an analogy. Suppose you were courting a woman and she rebuffed you completely. You know how it goes. Laughter, mocking, saying there is no way in hell. Would you try with that same person? No you would look for another potential partner as she is clearly not interested. Supposing you had a woman head over heels in love with you, and for her you could do no wrong. Would you continue to cater to her every whim? What if another equally attractive woman passed by and you had a need to have multiple partners. Wouldn’t you pursue her more earnestly?

Funny as it sounds thats exactly what happened to the black community. Due to the Republican parties fault the blacks have chosen to soundly reject them and vote Democrat 90% of the time. As you can see in their autopsy of the previous election the Republicans have chosen to court Hispanics instead. Democrats have not performed any better for them and I will show you in the next few paragraphs how they have pandered to the needs of other minority groups, to the detriment of the loving black community. Since blacks continue to vote Democrat we have ended up with a situation where neither party is willing to take up causes important to African-Americans.

Recall the Democratic debate in Detroit. I’m sure it’s on YouTube somewhere. When asked the question of how they related to black voters and how they would help them they were very elaborate in their pandering. Words about how blacks had it tough, and about the unfairness in the system for an African-American. Senator Sanders even went so far as to say white people had no idea how it felt like to be poor. Now recall another question in the debate. They were asked about the Clinton era crime bill they passed which incarcerated the black community at a disproportionately higher rate. Clinton even going so far as to say that they were super predators that needed to be brought to heel. When asked why they supported such a bill they brought up the need to control crime and that women were being victimized and needed to feel secure. If you didn’t catch that let me translate it for you. They were courting the women’s vote at the time. You are already voting for them so they threw you under the bus to pander to another group. Of course that is in the past. Are they doing it now?

Illegal immigration is one of the hot button issues of this election. Of course we all know what it is. People go into the US without following the proper procedures often because they are looking for a better economic life. The policies of the two parties are clear. The Republicans are so against it that they are for building a wall and Democrats will do nothing to change the system except offer more incentives like citizenship for people who enter illegally. When illegal immigrants come to the US they take jobs. It’s a very obvious fact. Those jobs could have been otherwise filled by other members of society especially the ones with the highest unemployment rate. As of right now the unemployment rate of black American youth is at 31.5% according to political data. Furthermore the illegals are willing to work at a lower rate leading to a decrease in the bargaining power of labor. Hispanics, the group most affected by their issue, have a much bigger split between the Republican and Democratic party. In this election they are a target to be wooed by both parties. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, yes you have been thrown under the bus again for the benefit of another demographic.

I urge African-Americans to take back the power that was given away. Talk to Republicans. See what they have to offer. There is no harm in that. Do you like their stand on illegals? TPP? A more non interventionist America? If not that’s ok. Just talking to a Republican will make Democrats take you seriously again as they know they can lose you. God forbid you actually vote for one as that will really make them freak out. Listen to the actual ideas proposed and not the empty rhetoric of racism you hear in the media. NAACP leaders such as Charles Evers has actually endorsed one of the Republicans. I guarantee you someone who fought alongside with Martin Luther King will not endorse a racist. African Americans already had their right to be represented taken once. Don’t let them take it again.


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