I Love The Poorly Educated


Are you tired of hearing the media marginalize you because they claim you are “poorly educated”? How many times have you heard them say that Trump only wins because the “poorly educated” don’t know any better? Doesn’t it surprise you that the social justice warriors who smash down any attempt at fat shaming, slut shaming, or any other shaming are OK with education shaming? When you hear someone say these things they are actually saying your opinions don’t matter. Yes by some abnormal quirk in the system you do get a vote but you should be ashamed to vote the way you do. You need to vote the way they do. After all they are “highly educated”.

What is “poorly educated”? Nothing. It has nothing to do with your intelligence or your grasp of the political issues affecting the world. It is just a statistic saying that you completed a course in college. Yes what your thinking of is correct. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and even Tiger Woods are all “poorly educated”. By the standards the media is pushing these are the people who are too stupid to make up their own decisions. Were you too poor to go to college? Did you have other priorities? Maybe you had a job offer waiting to go? Well too bad. We will marginalize you for the rest of your life and we will use our own social justice warriors to do it.

This is terrible on an economic front. We live in a society where you have to take out massive loans to finish college. Loans that you may not be able to pay for even if you worked for the rest of your life. What’s worse is that if these loans are not paid for they can garnish your wages. They can garnish the social security checks of anyone who co signs with you. It removes any possible leverage you have with future employers because not only do you need a job for your food and board you need it to service debt too. I’ve written about trickle up economy before and it makes that impossible because once you get any money you use it to try to pay off your debt. You don’t spend it on the local economy like what you should be doing. This is disastrous as any new money thrown into the system automatically goes back to the government or in the hands of the banks locking us in perpetual trickle down insanity. They discourage you from working in a trade or forming your own company right after high school with all the shaming they do. Liberals are supposed to be against slavery. Well they have just returned it and the noose around your neck is student debt.

It’s a self-perpetuating cycle of pain. The free market is supposed to regulate the market by supply and demand. If there are not enough people going to college the colleges will lower the cost to make it so that more people can attend. What happens when people are discriminated against for not attending and given a loan they don’t immediately have to pay back for attending? Yep more demand and the price keeps going up and up. Works great for the corporate overlords too as people with debt are less likely to complain or leave their jobs.

Culturally its terrible as well. The theory is to be taken seriously you need to go to college. When you go to college who teaches you? In college are you allowed to hear all ideas? Or are there institutions like safe spaces, trigger warnings, and other safeguards to make sure that make sure no dissenting ideas are heard? Up until now you may have been thinking well why are they not fighting this kind of discrimination? Well this kind of discrimination forces people to conform to their way of thinking so they are perfectly fine with it. It indoctrinates future generations to think in the way they determine is politically correct.

Shame is a tool those in power use to control you. Why should you be ashamed that you refused to be a slave? In fact you might even be better of than someone graduating with massive student debt and then taking that job at McDonald’s anyway. Vote the way that you think is correct. Do not let other people shame you into thinking you are less capable of making your own decisions just because you fall into one demographic or another. The early racists did that with African-Americans. It seems our liberals have learned their lesson well.


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