Cuckservative? No. Fluffservative? Yes!


There has been an effort by the hacks employed by the establishment to try to dismiss alt-right viewpoints as simply racist. They believe that by simply chanting this mantra they will be able to ignore all the arguments of the other side. Let me borrow a phrase from Marco Rubio here. I want to dispel the notion that the alt right is racist. It’s not about race. It’s about the nation and all the people in it.

When you are called a “cuckservative” its not because you support positions that are supposedly anti white. It’s because you support view points that are anti- America. If something is anti America it’s against all the races that are citizens of it. whether they be black, brown, white, yellow, or any other color.

If it was all about race then illegal immigration would not be an issue. After all they hurt African-Americans a lot more than they hurt any other race. They are the only demographic with 50% youth unemployment. The misdirection is so deep that the only candidate trying to fix that is the one who is called the most racist. If it was about race then NATO would not be an issue. After all who does NATO protect if not the predominantly white population in Europe? Sweden, Denmark, Germany are all predominantly white. Wouldn’t we be fine using the countries resources to protect other white people? No NATO is an issue because America is paying a lot more than its fair share. The nation as a whole is getting screwed and that involves blacks, whites, asians, and latinos. If it was about race would we complain about high medicine prices? After all the only reason its high is because we have to pay for the drug companies to recoup their investment in research here instead of in price controlled areas. Price controlled areas that are predominantly white like Europe. The sad thing is these cuckservatives don’t even see that if America is drained dry then the rest of the world goes down the tubes too.

Do you think the forces of the establishment miss this fact? No. Let me dispel the notion that they do. I gotta say I love Rubio for giving us that line. They know that the alt right is all about nationalism and putting America first but they have no defense against it. The only way they can fight against it is not by ideas, but rather by crying racist so loud that it drowns out the argument of the other side. Next time you read one of their articles pay careful attention. They never really defend the arguments for illegal immigration and NAFTA taking jobs, nor do they defend the fact that the US has to pay for the defence around the world. It’s all a history of the alt right and how somehow being nationalist in a nation made up of many different races is racist.

I will say one thing in their defense though. Cuckservative is the wrong term. A cuckold only watches as his wife or in this case his nation gets violated. The proper term is Fluffservative. A fluffer not only watches as his wife or nation gets violated but helps facilitate the act. Usually on his knees. After all who refuses to stop illegal immigration, insists on sending jobs overseas, and shouts down any attempt to get other countries to pay more for their defense? Is there a more apt description for the current political establishment?

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