Founding Fathers Were Illegals


One of the most common arguments used to get America to accept illegal immigration is that the founders themselves were illegal immigrants. That statement is 100% true. It is also true that it is the greatest argument against illegal immigration.

Let’s take a look at what happened. They came over with ships full of colonists. They did not get any permission from the natives to land nor did they attempt to consult anybody when they got there. Yes they were illegal immigrants. They came over because they faced a tough time in their home countries and faced religious prosecution as well as a lack of economic opportunities.

What happened next? Well they had a hard time settling in. They did not know the land and how to farm it. They had to be taught how to grow corn and other crops and in the meantime supplies had to be shared by the American Indians. We have our first instance of welfare. Things worked out which lead to the first harvest and Thanksgiving.

Heavily outnumbered the colonists attempted to form relationships with the surrounding tribes forming treaties with them for self defense. In effect the American Indians were welcoming the illegal aliens in their midst and the illegal aliens in turn tried to integrate.

The success of the original colony of course encouraged other people in Europe to make the journey. After all there was fertile land for the taking. They did not apply for permission with any of the native tribes but instead just came. Another wave of what is effectively illegal immigration.

More and more settlers came and eventually the colonies formed relationships with each other instead of the various Indian tribes, creating a separate culture and in fact later on a separate country in the same continent, The United States. We see here that the illegal immigrants did not integrate into the culture of the people who welcomed them but rather formed their own as soon as enough of them were there.

Years and years pass and events unfold causing more settlers to come in. Eventually they needed more land than what was available and the United States decide to expand westward. This led to war with the native population, the American Indian War, and eventually led to them being expelled in the Trail of Tears.

Today the American Indians who welcomed the illegal immigrants have lost most of their land and live in reservations designated for them by their conquerors. The white illegal immigrant founding fathers.

I think we can see the lesson history is trying to tell us.

Trump 2016  🙂


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