Trump’s Path to 1237


This is how I think trump can get to 1237

NY – 71 according to expert predictions. it would be a disaster if he lost here and polls show he gets more than 50%

NJ – 51  – Disaster if he loses here as well WTA

PA – 17 – polls show him ahead and its winner take all for the 17 but the remaining are “unbound” due to gop fixing >.>

RI – 10 – going by expert average Proportional statewide and by congressional district

CT – 20 expert average Proportional statewide; winner-take-all by congressional district

Maryland – 31 – expert average Winner-take-all statewide and by congressional district

Indiana – 39 going by expert average Winner-take-all statewide and by congressional district

WV – 33 – should be a win based on nearby states

Oregon 12 – proportional going by expert average. 12 is around 35-40% of the delegates

Washington 17 Proportional statewide and by congressional district going by expert average

new mexico 10 – proportional 10 is around 35 – 40%

California 94 – Winner-take-all statewide and by congressional district going by expert average

Currently this puts him at 1180. At that point i could easily see 55 super delegates switching just to get it over with (or the PA delegates)

but to seal it he would either have to win two of Nebraska Montana or South Dakota

Alternatively if kasich were to drop out trumps proportional shares get bigger and he doesnt even need the win in the 3 states i mentioned. If he performs at his average and does well in some of the western states he should still be able to reach the number. If not he has to convince 55 superdelegates or the penslyvania delegates to vote for him.



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  1. Another thought… in all of the states going forward after New York, there is a write in candidate who is running for the sole purpose of keeping Cruz off of the ballot in each state. He is filing a birther suit in each state, saying he isn’t qualified to run. This will force the issue once and for all. There are also other legal issues pressing Cruz. There is mounting evidence of collusion with super pacs and election fraud. If Cruz gets out for legal reasons, many of his 500 + delegates will go to Trump. Especially if Trump can prove they were stolen from him.


    1. personally i would rather trump beat cruz without any of the tricks and he can too. Let the comparison between the establishment and the peoples gop be plain for everyone to see


  2. hey tsukeisaw. i have never blogged b4. this is good stuff. this is TheSingularity from that other site. wouldn’t mind blogging myself, but I could use some tips from you when you have the time. On that note, them mpc boyz too cool 4 school i think. whatever man, i think we’re all on the same side anyway. later alligator.


    1. hey bro im always here when you need me 🙂 Im on a site called political forum as tsuke. message me there sometime. I think we are on the same side i would just like a wider coalition than they are comfortable with.

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  3. Gator’s ‘wider coalition’ is a trap, the Jews haven’t gotten to Japan yet but they’ll undermine it just the same if they can by introducing race-mixing, mass immigration, and ethnic destruction, after which looting the country is child’s play for their particular organized minority. Vote Trump in the US so that you can keep America MPC-Whyte, Europe European, and Japan Japanese, and so the (((internationalist))) scum may find no quarter among the great civilizations of the world.


    1. nationalism in other countries like sweden and other european countries ended up being a white movement because most of the citizens were white to begin with. In the US we have blacks , asians, whites, latinos, all of which are citizens. All of whom want to put America First and strong. The Trump movement is more than just whites.


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