The Escalator to Nowhere


There has been a recent study done by Frank Luntz that says the next generation of Americans is becoming more socialist than the last. The talking heads discussed it for a segment in the news and then never really thought about it again. They don’t seem to realize that this is not a random occurrence and that our society has been designed to produce individuals with globalist liberal mindsets. People automatically think anybody who says this is a conspiracy theorist but let me show you how.

STEP 1: Preparation

A recent study in January of 2016 found that 60% of college professors are liberal, around 30 % are moderate, and 10% are conservative. It’s not a stretch to think that if you go into college you are more likely to hear and be thought by liberal and moderate viewpoints as opposed to conservative ones. People would of course think that this would be enough to make my point but it is not.

Consider our current universities. They have rules regarding safe spaces and political correctness. Some studies produced by the extremists have pointed out that the words he and she should no longer be used but should be replaced by xe. Equally crazy they have said that the term “American” is wrong as it says the United States is the only country in North and South America. What we are seeing is that there is an institutional bias for liberalism in college already. Even if you were to fall under one of the 10% of college teachers who are conservative their freedom to teach you conservative principles have been constricted already. The system even has a failsafe as any dissent or attempt to shine a light in the matter is labelled as a conspiracy theory. In effect the rules are rigged so only liberal and globalist viewpoints are heard.

STEP 2: Conditioning

When you listen to the media you hear this narrative about the poorly educated. They are dumb , easily duped, and in effect are less capable of making decisions than people who are highly educated. I wrote about this before here The only difference between the poorly educated and the highly educated is that one group finished college and the other did not. It does not have anything to do with your intelligence and decision-making skills. Some of the most successful people such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg qualify as poorly educated. In fact in the current job climate of the country it may be wiser not to go to college and start working as fast as possible instead of taking on onerous student debt.

You never hear about this anywhere though. The narrative is always that poorly educated people are stupid and that you have to go to college to be taken seriously. Now step one makes more sense. To have a valid opinion about something you must enter an institution where you will most likely not hear about conservative ideals and when you actually do it is in a restricted manner. The rules have been rigged to make it seem like college is the only option.

STEP 3: Accessibility

But wait. College is very expensive and not everyone can go. That should shoot down any conspiracy theory about how the system wants everyone to be indoctrinated into the liberal globalist view-point correct? Enter student loans. Our elite know that entry costs will be high therefore they make a system where you do not have to worry about it. They will give you as much money as you need to be brainwashed into their system and you don’t even have to worry about paying it back until years in the future.

Sounds like a great deal right? You get your education at no current cost to you, though it will ruin your future and colleges don’t have to think about lowering their cost because the demand for it does not drop. It’s like the first hit a dealer gives you to make you addicted. In a truly capitalist society the price for college would have dropped as fewer people would have been able to afford it. The rules have been rigged to make it easy for you to only hear liberal globalist viewpoints.

At this point we see that there is a system of shame in place to sheperd you into institutions which will cram liberal globalist viewpoints down your throat. What happens next though? How do you become a liberal globalist for life?

Step 4: Misdirection

The entire reason for the high cost of college is that it is supposed to enable you to find better and lifelong employment. After all that is why the educated are so superior and are the only ones with a valid opinion right? Sadly the very same globalist principles that have been crammed down your throat are the same ones who have removed you ability to find jobs.

Jobs of all levels have been shipped out due to outsourcing. Of course the rational there is that we will remove “old economy” jobs and replace them with “new economy” jobs. Until we see that “new economy” jobs are taken by employees hired under the H-1B visa program and lower end “new economy” jobs are taken by illegal immigrants. These results of the globalist system is not hard to figure out. The people who set it up knew that it would not be easy to find work after college. This is by design. After college your student loans become due and the rules have been set so you cannot declare bankruptcy to remove them. You now think other countries have people who are successful and we should become like them so you can succeed to. Without ever realizing that the very same leftist globalist principles leads to the transfer of wealth from america to other countries so they can succeed. A point brought up by plenty of people is that European countries have liberal globalist policies therefore we they can get universal healthcare but the American people can’t. I showed in this article that it is because of these globalist policies that America cannot put price controls on their medicines but every other country can. Part of the transfer of wealth is Americans paying the research and development costs for the rest of the world. Globalism is like communism for the entire world. The wealth of America is taken and spread out to every other country. The system has been rigged for you to fail.

The entire experience has been designed to shame you into going to college and make you believe that the only possible principles that may work is the liberal globalist principles that the “educated” have been taught. These very same principles hide the fact that you are failing because of them.

STEP 5 : Pushback

You do have the chance to take back the country. The alt right has been fighting the PC culture in college campuses to restore freedom of speech. Instead of blocking out some viewpoints that are deemed not politically correct, they ask that all viewpoints be taught for the student to select the best one.

You have a presidential candidate who has openly declared “America first” in the quest to stop the global transfer of wealth from America to everywhere else. You have one that says there is nothing wrong with being “poorly educated” and you dont need to go to college to succeed.

Most importantly you have to realize the escalator you have been put on and jump free from it.


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