The Next Level : The Colorado Screwjob


I came upon this article and just had to react. It seems it is all over the place and reveals the next phase of the GOPe cruz plan. Let me summarize it first. Rule 40b states that a candidate must have the demonstrated support of the majority of delegates in 8 states for the candidate to be eligible for nomination. On its face it would seem like a non issue and Trump would at least be eligible to be the nominee. We have to remember though that Cruz has been getting the personal loyalty of the delegates either by having the party pick them directly or by making sure his people are “Trump delegates”.  Lets take Florida for instance. Trump won by 20 points and got all 99 delegates in the state. In this scenario if those “Trump delegates” are loyal to Cruz then they don’t have to sign the document saying they support Trump. This gets repeated in other states and we have a situation where the only possible nominee is Ted Cruz.

Let that sink in for a moment. Trump can win by 20 points or more, get all the delegates, and by the rules he may not even be considered to have the support of a majority of these delegates. Trump could end up with 1400 delegates and still lose because they are loyal to the establishment and Ted Cruz.

The Republican party has shown that they truly do not care anymore about the will of the people. They care about protecting their seats and nominating the person that they choose damn the voters. There really is only one way to get the message to them to stop stealing elections. Hit them where it hurts. They care about power and their seats. Well if they deny Trump then deny them the power as well. Vote straight democrat and throw them out. A globalist is a globalist whether they have a D or R in their name anyway so it would not make a difference. Next time this happens they will know not to mess with the will of the people.




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