Trump’s Path to 1237: POST NE Massacre


The fourth super Tuesday is over and it was a massacre. 17 bound delegates for Trump in PA, 28 delegates for Trump in CT, 38 delegates in MD, 11 delegates in RI, 16 delegates in DE. On the other hand Kasich got 5 delegates and Cruz got 3. All in all the end result of tonight is 110 delegates for Trump, 5 for Kasich, and 3 for Cruz.

Something else that is not reported on is that Trump and Cruz ran a slate of unbound delegates in PA. Trump’s slate won 28 and Cruz’s slate won 5.

Without the unbound delegates that are committed to him we have Trump with 956. Here is his projected path.

NJ – 51 – All the polls show him winning

NM – 10 – Proportional I gave Trump 40%

WA- 17 – Proportional I gave Trump 40%

OR – 12 – Proportional I gave Trump 40%

IN – 21 – Close fight with Cruz. I gave the state to cruz but some delegates to trump

CA – 94 – Current polls show Trump nearly sweeping the state. I project a more conservative estimate

WV – 34 – All the polls show Trump winning and PA has shown he can run a slate and win

I gave Trump 0 in each other state.

With the unbound delegates on his slate that brings Trump up to 1223. At least 10 PA delegates have said they would vote for the winner of their district so that gets Trump to 1237.

Time to board the train and say President Trump.



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