Open Letter to Cruz Republicans


To my Fellow Patriots,

My message today is about party unity. I am not going to sit here and defend Trump as a conservative. He is not. He is a nationalist. That means that he identifies with the GOP more as the GOP has been more about border security than the Democrats have. Does that mean he thinks all GOP ideas are ones that put America first? No. He will disagree with the GOP on free trade and most likely always will.

Cruz would not have done a lot better than Romney. I wager the same states that Romney lost he would have lost and the same states Romney won he would have won as well. Which of course leaves you with a democrat for a president. Is that in any way cruz’s fault? No not really. Changing demographics as well as an educational system designed to produce liberals has made it so that Republicans cannot win national contests anymore and have to rely on heavily gerrymandered districts for congressional control.

There are two theories floating about on how the republicans can win. First is to bring out the “missing white” voters.  Well I have good news for you on that front. Trump has already brought them out. It is up to you on whether you will accept them or not. Second is to broaden their appeal to blacks and latinos. I want to discuss this further. For latinos republicans have tried to flirt with amnesty and other programs angering their base and for blacks you have tried to make the case that they need education, values, and other things to get a job. In both lines you are trying to outdemocrat democrats. Its just not going to happen. Democrats will always push for more open borders than you and they will always offer more free things than you. It comes with their territory.

Trump is offering a different tactic. He is wooing them from the Republican side. He is telling them that provided they work for it they can have jobs and he will prioritize them over illegal aliens. Will it work? Maybe. It has a better chance than trying to be a bigger democrat. With Trump limiting outsourcing and illegal immigration we can now legitimately offer jobs that democrats would not be able to provide so they can pull themselves out of their economic situation.

Your concern is that you will no longer recognize the party after Trump is done with it. Rightly so. Nationalism and conservatism don’t always see eye to eye on all issues. Trump will come and he will go. Hopefully after eight years. If worse comes to worse after this November. Yet the people will still be in the party long after that. Conservatism will still be there and depending on your actions now, could have a lot more adherents.

You now have a unique opportunity. There are many more people in the party now than there has been before. Do they pass your ideological stress test? Not by a long shot. Can you now discuss things with them to convince them to become conservative? Yes! Do you want to revitalize the conservative movement? Well you have all these people now who have previously hardened their hearts are now willing to listen provided  you accept them. We are fed up with the liberal lies and are more wiling to hear the truth now. Everyone who is voting for Cruz fervently believes in the fundamental rightness of the conservative cause. It is easier to convince people of that standing side by side rather than shouting across a room. If you truly believed your ideas have merit you would jump at the chance to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Conservatives believe in giving and receiving value in all things. I want unity because I would like a president Trump and believe that some nationalistic ideas would pull us out of this hole we are in. I propose that unity would be beneficial for you too because it gains you an audience of willing listeners ready to be converted to the conservative cause. I pray that we can unite for the benefit of the country and conservatism in general.


A Trump Supporter

7 thoughts on “Open Letter to Cruz Republicans

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  1. I think you have correctly identified the fork in the road for Republicans following 2008 and 2012. Either 1) do better with white voters, or 2) do better with minority voters. You postulate that Option 2 is exceedingly difficult, so therefore, go with Option 1.

    My critique is this: Going for Option 1 – maximizing white voters – maybe just maybe will work in this election (I don’t think it will). But considering the white population’s share of the vote continues to dwindle, choosing Option 1 puts you on a sinking ship. As it stands today, Trump would need something like 65 percent of the White vote, or perhaps even more. That’s doing better with Whites than even Reagan did. Moreover, it will become extraordinarily difficult to get to 65 percent of the white vote without white women coming along for the ride. All the current data shows Trump has successfully alienated white women. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen.

    That should clarify the choices: Option 1, which will fail in 2016 because standard bearer alienates one half of his crucial demographic, and because of demographic trends will become harder to pull off every year vs. Option 2, which is, as stated before, exceedingly difficult.

    So there you have it. Impossible versus difficult. If you simply want to win, Option 2 would be a better strategy moving forward, despite the inherent difficulties. And, if you’re a small gov’t type who buys into constitutionalism, it’s really, really hard to see how winning with Trump isn’t also losing, considering he just evaporated the only vehicle capable of pushing forward a Cruz-ian agenda.

    full disclosure: not a Trump guy, not a Cruz guy.


    1. My arguement for winning is that Trump goes after both. He goes after the missing white voter and the minorities. Like I said you are not going to outdemocrat democrats. They will always support more handouts and open borders than you. Trump with his rejection of outsourcing and tempered views on free trade allows him to go after minorities from the right. Providing jobs instead of handouts. No other Republican was really able to do this.

      Now for conservatism you have to think long term. The movement has atrophied because colleges are designed to produce liberals by mostly teaching that viewpoint and demographics does the rest. Trump and the people he brings in represents a chance to build up the conservative base again by having people in the party who while not conservative are more receptive to hearing the message of allies rather than enemies. They have already rejected liberalism in its traditional form otherwise they would be with sanders. They are currently in the middle with nationalistic tendencies. Conservatives with their grass roots base have a chance to reach out to them.

      To sum it up. An alliance lets Trump have a greater chance of winning. That is his benefit. Conservatives get a new audience that is receptive to their message to convert. That is the Cruzian benefit.

      Or the alternative is fully reject Trump and the people he brings and miss that chance forever.


      1. And I’ve also got to note just how far Trump has moved the conversation from traditional Buckley conservatism. You say, “Providing jobs instead of handouts. No other Republican was really able to do this.” Gov’t can’t provide jobs, except by providing handouts. Gov’t can get out of the way and allow free markets to do their thing. But gov’t “providing” jobs is New Dealer-ism. I don’t want to litigate Trump’s suggestions (free trade, attempting to discount debt, etc.), but suffice it to say, they mark a complete and total divergence for what was 5 years ago Conservative orthodoxy. If you support things like ltd gov’t, free markets, winning with Trump is still losing. So why bother?

        As for me, show me where a GOP-voting libertarian wins with Trump in the White House?


      2. Basically my argument is that the current system from illegal immigration, to the college experience, to the echo chamber in the media demonizing conservatives is designed to produce liberals.

        So much so that the number of conservatives is getting smaller and smaller. Trump brings in new people to the party. They are not conservative but they are receptive to your message. They have already figured out globalist liberalism doesnt work otherwise they would be with bernie.

        The main benefit you get as a conservative is you have a chance to stand by these people and convince them that it is the right way to go. It is easier to convince someone standing next to them than it is shouting across the street to them.

        Alternatively you could walk out the tent the moment they enter and they will harden their hearts to you.

        I think conservatives need to reach out and get new blood any opportunity they can. We get a Trump presidency where only some of your ideas are followed, You get the chance to convert a new base to your ideology for future elections.

        Downballot you also get a unified republican party voting for the republican instead of half not voting.


      3. By the way I did not mention this earlier but if you are a cultural libertarian Trump is your greatest champion.

        We are in the final stages of the fight against the forces of SJW and third wave feminism which shut down free speech. If Trump wins despite them shutting down his rallies then those forces will break and we will never see them this strong again. Trump loses then every future candidate the left does not agree with will face violent rallies.


  2. Your theory then, I suppose, depends upon the idea that Trump can resonate with minority groups. Not Trump’s message – Trump himself. Because I’ve seen nothing that indicates that he has an appeal with minorities. And so that’s a place we diverge. I don’t see a great Trumpian swell among latino groups. I don’t see a great Trumpian swell among black voters. Do you see/predict different?

    And I think that’s the consequence of playing with white identity politics. Sure you can appeal to one particular constituency, but you do so at the cost of alienating the other groups.


    1. I predict that Trump will make major inroads with Black voters as they have been thrown under the bus by the democrats too many times. I predict that with latinos he will do worse than normal but it will be offset by the black vote.


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