Happy Independence Day!


Let me be the first to wish our British cousins a happy Independence Day on June 23. It would have been so perfect if they could have held off a couple of weeks till July 4th so that we could have matching Independence days but history is not that kind.

It has been a long road for Britain. First leading the charge against the Germans in World War 2 to keep Europe and the world safe from German imperialism. Then joining the Germany dominated EU and becoming a province of a newer form of that empire. Finally having the citizens and patriots rise up and demand their freedom and right to self-rule.

The Patriots and Loyalists

There are many similarities between the situations of the American founding fathers and the Britons of today. In both countries we have a loyalist component who are more interested in the fate of the empire as a whole rather than the fate of their nation. For the American loyalists they decided that the Greater British Empire was more important than their country and for the British loyalists they decided that loyalty to the German dominated EU was more important than loyalty to Britain. In both cases the loyalists vastly overstate their support to the imperial overlords. The loyalists of the United States assured General Gage and General Clinton that there would be numerous regiments of loyalist Americans that would fight for the crown when very few actually appeared. While EU loyalists assure their masters in Brussels that the British people are very happy to continue being a province to the empire.

Vengeance from the Empire

In both circumstances we have a vengeful empire doing its best to cow the populace into submission by threats of economic vengeance to suppress any desires of freedom. In the American colonies it was King George who promised eternal war upon the patriots and that Americans would be kept harassed and poor up until the day the showed penitence and remorse and begged to be part of the British empire. A threat which did not materialize as America today is one of the worlds biggest economies and the world’s leading superpower.

The threats are very similar to those coming from Imperial Brussels and Germany as well as its allies. Promising that the UK would be sent to the back of the line and that they would do everything possible to punish the UK for leaving the empire. Unlike America then Britain is starting off as the worlds fifth largest economy and I have every confidence that if the fledgling American colonies could make it away from their colonial masters the Britons can as well.

Taxation Without Representation

Just like in the days leading up to the war and the Boston tea party the Britons of today are subject to taxation and regulation without representation. Regulations are decided upon by the imperial bureaucracy of Brussels which are appointed instead of elected and are expected to be carried out by its various colonies. The empire of today has learned some lessons from the past however as they have let some elected representatives from the UK enter the halls of power to try to convince the people that they are represented. Sadly it is only an illusion as every single one of the 73 laws that Britain has tried to pass has been rejected by what we can now call the imperial assembly.

Self Determination

Of course just like any other great people the Britons demand the right to self-determination as well. At the end of the day it truly does not matter where you come down on immigration, trade, and any number of other issues. It is still better for those issues to be decided on by elected members of your own democracy which you can hold directly accountable as opposed to the appointed ministers of the EU empire. As we can see from the troubles of Greece, Spain, Italy, and other countries those ministers may only have the interests of the core regions at heart. As Gandhi has said in the past, we may make mistakes but the mistakes will be ours to make.

I know all true patriots will join me in wishing Great Britain a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! and welcoming it back to the community of nations after too long a time serving as a province of the EU. We wish you the best with your new-found freedom and wish that it will give you the same joy in the future as it has given to America in the past.

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