Where is the Outrage?


I normally like to keep my articles about my opinions on the topic of the day instead of reporting the facts themselves. I find I contribute more to the general pool of ideas this way since many other news outlets collate the actual data.

I take a break from that today because of some special circumstances. An event I find so disturbing that I have to report on it. The fact that no major news outlets but fox is covering it just increases its gravity.

In one short sentence the CIA has refused to give the permanent house select Committee on intelligence a briefing on the evidence they have concerning the Russians being behind the leak.

First off let me present the facts. As everyone knows over the weekend the Washington Post broke a story alleging that “unnamed sources” within the CIA have pinpointed that the Russians were behind a series of cyber attacks on the DNC and did so to benefit Trump. Further broken stories allege from “unnamed sources” once again that Putin had first hand knowledge of these attacks.

The House Committee on Intelligence requested a briefing on Monday December 12 so that it could have the same information the Post did. The briefing was supposed to have been scheduled on Friday to give time to the CIA to prepare its Representative The House Committee on Intelligence is the civilian institution meant to have oversight over the CIA and various other intelligence agencies. All of its members have the required clearances for the briefings and previous briefings were done on various subjects in the past.

Here is a link to the statement of Congressman Nunez the chairman of the Committee. link. The CIA has refused to give the House Committee on Intelligence a briefing. They did not postpone, reschedule, or anything else. They told the civilian entity charged with their oversight that they would in fact not be answering to it.

Like the title says. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? The left has been insinuating that Trump’s cabinet looks like a junta with all the generals and that the civilian oversight over the military is a paramount with its resistance to General Mattis. Yet here is a situation where the CIA has essentially gone rogue and is refusing to answer to the civilian government and the left cheers them on.

Everyone must be made aware of this so the CIA is pressured to give the Committee on intelligence the briefing it deserves. We cannot have an agency who decides that newspapers are more worthy of receiving information over the very people supposed to oversee it.


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