A Guide to the Ctrl-Left


In the days after the election right-wing pundits like Sean Hannity began testing out a label for the SJW faction of the left. The “radical Alt-left” they would call it. Not only is this harmful to the alt-right by creating a false equivalence with the crybabies but it is also wildly inaccurate.

The alt-right is defined by nationalism. Our current system defines the right as the conservatives and the left as the progressives. The alt-right is the nationalistic right as opposed to the globalist left. A paradigm that  is spreading across the globe and is evident in Brexit and the election of President Trump. The members of the alt-right are those who believe in this definition of the right. Often times it is even at odds with conservative philosophy , such as in free trade and overly small government for instance. Of course both sides of the right do understand that coalition building is important to winning elections

The Alt-right is an alternative to the right while the ctrl-left is the natural evolution of the progressive ideology of the left. As the name implies the goal of the Ctrl-left is control. Control over your speech. Control over your beliefs. Control over your information. Control over every single aspect of your life that it can get its hands on.


The primary tactic of the ctrl-left is taboo. Just like control decks in Magic and other card games they seek to achieve a state where you must get their authorization before you discuss any topic. Ideas which run counter to their ideology are not met head on and debated according to its merits but rather shut down as false, offensive, or any other description that they can stretch to fit.

There are many different ways that the ctrl-left uses to achieve this. First is authority. They are the authority and you are not, therefore their word is supposed to be believed over yours with no proffer of proof needed. Examples of this would be declarations that entire websites offer nothing but fake news, without going through the trouble of telling you why each story is fake. The Russian Server hack is another great example. The Washington Post releases a story with unnamed sources declaring that there is a secret CIA report to this effect. Other news organizations accept this as gospel truth and any arguments as to the CIA refusing to testify before congress or wikileaks saying it was not a hack but a leak are ignored because the authorities have spoken.

Next we have mockery. This is particularly poignant because the Alt-right has co-opted this tactic masterfully which leads to it being less effective when used by the left. Any arguments are shut down because well you’re a white male, you have some sort of white privilege, and your thoughts are automatically invalid because you don’t hold the right ethnicity or gender.

Third we have silencing which can lead to outright violence. We see this most often employed against conservative speakers like Milo or Ben Shapiro. Instead of engaging in discourse to refute the speakers argument they instead classify it as hate speech and proceed to shout and chant whenever the speaker says something in order to silence it. This leads to violence when the speaker cannot be silenced as evidenced in the attempt of President Trump to hold a rally in Chicago. The Ctrl-Left classified everything he said as hate speech and proceeded to riot so that President Trump and his supporters could not feel safe holding their rally.

Lastly we have monopolization. The ctrl-left makes sure that only their ideas are heard. If they have to mention other ideas they do so in a derisive manner or in a time where no one can hear it. This is very prevalent in mainstream media where a narrative gets spun and any stories that do not agree to it are buried and college campuses where conservative voices are given less of a platform. In a recent study it showed 80-90% of educators had liberal leanings so it is very likely that the liberal view point is the only one that will be heard by the student.


At the forefront of the ctrl-left are the social media giants. Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. There have been numerous examples of alt-right speakers getting banned in twitter while official accounts linked to terrorist organizations have been allowed to exist. In reddit The Donald subreddit has already faced persecution and other nationalist subreddits have either been banned or quarantined. All the while left approved subreddits are left alone and even encouraged to prosper. The market share of these entities make them very effective at silencing opposition.

Next we have mainstream media. For most people they have literal control over the overton window and which issues get discussed. As a collective they affirm the decisions made by the others of the group. This means that they can make credible sources appear out of thin air as unnamed sources as each media outlet is taken as an authority by the others and that they can block any unfavorable interpretations or discussion of issues. The CNN declaration that only media are allowed to look at wikileaks. The russian hacks are a great example as well. Only fox covered the counter narratives that the CIA itself refused to brief the Congressional Intelligence Committee or that Assange went on the record to say that it was a leak not a hack.

At the core we have the SJW’s. The footsoldiers of the ctrl-left and the most important part of the machine. Individually they use mockery and protest to silence other ideas, but they serve a much larger function. They generate the moral outrage necessary for the other parts of the ctrl-left to function. After all facebook  and twitter needs reasons to ban certain things and media needs people who will believe it.

Lastly we have the colleges. They serve two important functions. First they serve as a testing ground for new concepts from the ctrl-left. Colleges are always at the forefront of safe spaces, gender specific pronouns like xir, trigger warnings, and various other inanities. Once it gets normalized there the ideas get applied to society as a whole. Secondly they function as a training camp for future SJW’s. The more foot soldiers there are the more the other parts can get away with. By making sure the next generation are only exposed to ideas from the left they can change the entire country.

This list is by no means exhaustive list and I am sure other people will be adding to this as time goes on. The actors and methods I have listed here are the principal ones that I have been able to identify. In the future I will be writing more about how the alt-right can combat each portion of the control left. As always understanding is the first step to defeating.


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