Transition: Foreign Policy


The left constantly says that Trump is a buffoon and unfit to be President. Lets take a look at what has been accomplished so far.

  1. Recognized Taiwan, a vibrant democracy with a liberal president, as a separate country from China and took their call. – Let me remind everyone that this is the first liberal President Taiwan has had and that the left celebrated when Obama normalized relationships with Cuba, a brutal dictatorship.
  2. Convinced Egypt to support Israel by dropping their resolution against Israel – The Obama administration was already ready to abandon Israel. Instead we are treated to a rare instance where Jews and Muslims cooperate on an international stage.
  3. Stood up to Putin when he declared they want more nukes – The left has declared that Trump is nothing more than a puppet for Putin. The puppet for Putin stood up to his declaration and challenged him to an arms race reminding Putin that the US could afford it and Russia could not. In his 8 years Obama has not stood up to Putin once.

Lets sum it up. Trump has recognized a liberal democracy, gotten a Jewish and a Muslim country to work together, and stood up to Putin on the world stage. And 2016 is not over yet.

At this rate Trump would have accomplished more before being sworn in than Obama has in his 8 years.

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