Who Needs the UN?


When I was younger I belonged to this awesome gaming club. We tried out every new game we could get our hands on and I was happy to find a group willing to play Arkham Horror and Here I Stand. I didn’t even mind bringing more than my fair share of games as I got plenty of fun out of it. Of course life happens and I didn’t have time to play as many board games as I wanted anymore so it didn’t make sense to keep buying new games for this club.

This is similar to what we are going thru with the UN. Before we begin let us get the facts first. The US pays 22% of the UN general budget and 25% of the peacekeeping budget. While Russia and China both pay less than 3%. It doesn’t end here though, various UN agency ask for voluntary contributions from the US as well to supplement their projects. Nobody will really dispute the US pays more than its fair share of the UN.

Is it worth it? As a nationalist I was initially thrilled with the UN. Think about it. We had an international organization that we controlled. We were the only ones who really knew how to use it initially and it enabled us to claim the moral high ground in any activity we chose. We could use the UN to condemn our enemies and use that as propaganda. Did it matter that it was an international organization? Not really. All that mattered is that we could use it to further our national interest. I would have been perfectly happy paying 100% for that UN.

The problem is over time other countries have learned to use the UN to their own advantage. In fact if you look at the UN now most of its time is spent blocking the US and condemning Israel one of our principal allies despite numerous atrocities being done daily all across the world. The UN is being used to pressure countries into taking more and more muslim economic immigrants as well. It is fast becoming a negative rather than a positive.

Should we completely defund the UN? That is a solution, though it would most likely involve us leaving the UN entirely. At the very least we should be paying the same amount as China and Russia and not a penny more. One thing is clear. There is no advantage in funding an organization that is of no benefit to us.

The critique is that the US will be diminished if it pulls out of the UN and will no longer be relevant on the world stage. They have it backwards. The US is the US. It derives its power from being the US not from being part of any organization. In fact the organizations in question whether it be the UN , NATO, or anything else gets more power by having the US as a member. Even if it was not a member of any organization the US would still have 11 carrier battle groups, each with the capability of destroying the entire navy of any other power. Without the UN the US is still the most desirable market in the world, with a population possessing the highest amount of purchasing power. Without the UN the US would still be needed to enforce any ceasefires or humanitarian decrees.

The UN must make itself useful to the US to receive the same level of funding. Being a member is not enough as the UN derives greater value from having the US as a member than the US gets at being a member. If the UN fails at this then we have no reason to support it.


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