My R.S.V.P. for the Riot


Well yesterday happened. By now everyone will have seen the video of the black teens torturing the white mentally retarded one. All that is left is the rioting. If the riot organizers are reading this I would like to official R.S.V.P. for the riot. If possible I would like to request that we hold it near a shop that sells anime, board, or card games. That stuff gets expensive fast and i need my fix of nerd crack. Failing that I would at least like to request for a special one man riot permit so I can loot my stuff without bothering anyone else. I promise to do more looting than breaking.


We do have to discuss what happened yesterday though. There is one difference between yesterday and nearly every other hate crime that has happened in recent memory. That is the absence of shame. Every other instance of this involved the perpetrators trying to hide their identity. In the burning of the church in Alabama, which turned out to be a hoax, the arsonist did not come forward to claim responsibility. In the incident where the muslim womans hijab was torn off in public, which also incidentally turned out to be a hoax, no one claimed responsibility for it either.

In this situation the black youths believed, whether rightly or wrongly, that it would be morally acceptable to society to do what they did. Not only that. By claiming responsibility for their actions in such a public way they believed that the public would reward them for their actions. That what they were doing would be considered good. They would get a viral video and fame among their peers. Hate crimes committed by whites and indeed other races do exist, but they have the understanding that it is not acceptable to society and they would get in trouble for it.

Take a look at history. In slavery days whites who whipped blacks and kept them in line did not hesitate to take credit for it. They believed society would reward them and it did with overseer positions and other perks for having that skill. Fast forward to the heyday of the KKK. Even at their strongest point they chose to wear hoods and masks to hide their identity. They understood that even if they thought what they were doing was necessary, society as a whole did not think so. Somehow society has progressed to a stage where people believe they would again be celebrated for committing hate crimes.


Stop me if you have heard this before. Trump voters are deplorable. Hillary only lost because of sexism. This is a white lash!!!! Racism is the only reason Trump won. Economic anxiety had nothing to do with Trump’s victory. The voters were just not ready to vote for Hillary. The electoral college will have failed if it votes for Trump. Trump’s rise is the rise of fascism and nazism.

It does not even stop at this. Yesterday Anna Kasparian of the Young Turks already declared in their show that “This is not based on race”. They even go thru great lengths to edit out the portions where the black teens said “f*** Whitey”. Don Lemon in his show already stated that he thought this was not evil and one of his guests even said that we should not label this as a hate crime. The whitewashing of this incident has already begun.

You have a media, both online and conventional, who are the mirrors of our culture, openly dehumanizing Trump voters and then making excuses and deflecting when crimes are done on them. Is it the fault of the black teens if they thought that this was ok? Why wouldn’t they? We fought a civil war against racists where hundreds of thousands of white males died to free the slaves. We fought a bitter world war against the nazis and nuked the imperialist fascist state of Japan. Why would hate crimes not be celebrated when committed against these people? After all the media says that anyone who voted for Trump are these things and the last generation that killed nazis and fascists were celebrated for it. You cannot send all these signals one way and be surprised when people listen to it.

Christmas for the Right

There have not been a lot of Alt-right people who have addressed this and I felt that I really had to. One of the counter arguments of the left is that this is Christmas for the right or Christmas for conservatives. To silence us they say that conservatives are happy this event happened since it gives us rhetorical ammunition to use against them.

 I’m not going to virtue signal and say that this event had a profound impact on me. The truth is it didn’t. I don’t know this person. I don’t know anyone related to him nor am I close with anyone who is mentally retarded. I do have a cousin who is mentally challenged but I only see him once a year, if that, and if it did happen to him I would have been impacted more. Is this a terrible event? Yes it is. But terrible events happen all the time and if I wrung my hands every time one happened I would never get anything done. I do have to say that there is a special kind of karma or poetic justice that this happened the week before Obama gives his farewell address. I can think of no more fitting end to his presidency.

At the end of the day this is another event that occurred that must be analyzed. The left as always uses guilt a concept it has so effectively weaponized in the past to get the right to ignore the event. When the left compares Trump to “literally Hitler” do we say they are happy the holocaust happened because it gives them something to compare Trump to? No the right meets them argument for argument instead of relying on some form of repressed guilt. To anyone reading this do not feel guilty about laying the blame for this event where it should. To paraphrase Ayn Rand, the man without guilt is the most dangerous of all as they have nothing to control him with.

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