Hacking Hypocrisy


The democrats have complained about the Russian hacking from day one. I have avoided the topic as much as I can as I could not see how anyone would take it seriously. Yet here we are and it is becoming the main point of contention of the democratic party. I guess you would need to pin it on something if you spent 1.2 billion with nothing to show for it. As an aside the house and senate democrats even outspent their GOP counterparts 700 million to 600 million and lost both houses in spite of it. Even they have something to gain by blaming everything on the russians.

There are two main reasons to get mad at the hacking. First that it was an illegal breach of the DNC servers and second that a foreign government interfered with our election.

Let us look at the breach first. Remember that in the primary the DNC was adamant that they are not part of the government which meant that they could set any rules they wanted or behave in any way they wanted even if that was detrimental to senator Sanders. While the DNC was hacked its important to note that the government was not.

In the election you had one of the tax returns of Mr. Trump leaked by the media. There was no outcry for it in fact it was celebrated. During the campaign you had the DNC collude with the media to boost the coverage of certain Republicans they deemed unelectable. One of them being Mr. Trump. There was no outcry for that. You had a queue of women accusing Trump of sexual assault on nothing more that their word and without any complaints whatsoever before the election. That was celebrated too. One of them even filed a case for rape against Mr. Trump only to have it mysteriously withdrawn a couple of days before the election once all the media coverage was done. You even had an African American burn down his church and blame it on Trump supporters and that was celebrated too.

I could fill an entire page with this but everyone knows what happened. When it comes to dirty tricks the democrats have far outperformed the GOP this election cycle.

What about foreign powers interfering with the election? Anyone remember Vicente Fox? Former President of Mexico and still involved in one of their major political parties? He was on air any chance he could to condemn Trump. How about Alwaleed Alsaud ? The Saudi Prince who said that Trump was a disgrace to America and he should withdraw? How about David Cameron? Then Prime Minister of Britain who said Trump’s thinking was divisive stupid and wrong? How about the British MP’s who proposed that Trump be banned from entering England? Anyone think these events had no impact?

Not enough? Well lets go on. How about Pope Francis who said that Trump was not christian? How about Anders Rasmussen former secretary-general of NATO who said that he had concerns for the future of NATO under Trump? How about Christine Legarde of the IMF who said she was concerned about Trump’s stance on trade? Any chance these were used as ammunition by democrats and the media? How about Sandro Gozi, italian parliament member who said that Trump’s solutions were false?

Italy, the Papacy, Nato, Britain, IMF, Saudi Arabia, and more. Every single one of these countries or organizations tried to tilt the election towards Clinton and the democrats were fine with it. In fact they even applauded and cheered for it. The Clinton emails were not even fabricated. They have been acknowledged by multiple sources as 100% true.

It is time to face facts. Democrats are mad because they lost. Period.


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