The Alt-Right View: War


There has been so many things to react to lately that I have not been able to do another one of these articles. This is the third article in the series. For this one I will be explaining our views on war. Note that trade wars are a subset of war and will follow the general views I outline here. I will be devoting another Alt-Right View article to trade wars at a later date.

The Alt-right believes that the general state of things should be peace. War is a terrible thing that must only be entered into as a last resort and only for the national interest. Once war is entered into everything must be done to return things to the state of peace as fast as possible without compromising the national interest. Any deviation from this, no matter how good intentioned, causes wars to last longer than it should and more wars to start.

War For National Interest

Morality has no place in determining whether or not to enter war. If the other regimes are evil then they are and it is the duty of the people of that regime to put a stop to it. Now when they inevitably do things to impact our national interests then that is when we believe that we should enter war. Take North Korea for example. If they want to abuse their own citizens then that is up to them. If they want to threaten some of our protectorates like South Korea then that is when our national interest comes into play.

As long as it serves our national interest then wars for territory are ok. The American Indian war and Mexican American war are both viewed negatively today. Yet if we were to undo those wars and give the states that we took back to their original owners, states like Florida, Texas, and California, the standard of living of all Americans would drop and we would be much weaker as a nation.

Does this create a situation where we have a double standard where we are fine with a war for territory when we do it like when we fought Mexico for Texas and California yet we are not fine when Russia tries to absorb another country? Yes! Things that work out in the national interest of other countries may not work out in ours. The most important thing is to put America first. If we are able to find areas where both our interests are served then that is great.

War Should Be Terrible So We Can Return To Peace

Any attempt to pervert war makes it more frequent and makes it harder for everyone to return to peace. When you place restrictions on war and sanitize it for everyone it makes countries more likely to select war as the first option and it makes it more likely for the beaten side to keep on fighting. War should be horrible. Everyone should be so afraid of war that it should be kept as the last resort. The more that you sanitize war the more it becomes a viable option.

In this case the Geneva convention causes more harm than good. If terrorists know that their homes will not be targeted or they will not be tortured then they are more likely to continue the fight and more likely to take up the fight in the first place. If nations know that their residential districts will not be targeted and the other side will not use chemical weapons then there are less consequences for entering war. The best example of this is the war on terror. America and other countries of the west play by the rules of the Geneva convention and as a result the war against the terrorist organizations has been going on for 15 years. A generation of people would have grown up without knowing a country at peace. What is worse is that there is no end in sight.

We believe that there should be no limits in war. Both sides should bring to bear whatever force it can. When people know that to declare war is to enter an arena where no holds are barred and you can lose your entire country and family then they will be more hesitant to declare it. People would also be more hesitant to stay in a losing battle as they know that the other side will not hesitate to inflict more damage on them. The best example of this is world war 2. A war much much greater in scope than the war against terrorist organizations and it was resolved in 5 years.

The United States as a nation has a much greater capability to inflict pain on its adversaries. We also pay for this ability by our massive defense budget. We should use this to our advantage instead of letting our enemies disarm us with their tears.




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  1. It is astonishing, the imperialists and fascists, the most brutal people in the entire world, are always convinced that the only thing holding them back from victory is their own morality.

    Those who hold these beliefs such as the their right to life. When the revolution comes, we will torture you to death, and you will beg for the wall. We will give you war on your own terms. Such is the fate of those who embrace evil.


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