Those Rascally Russians


We now have the next level in the attacks by the mainstream media against President Trump. Instead of the election being hacked to benefit him, it is now that Trump is a russian puppet because of all the compromising things Putin has on Trump. Notice this only happened when Trump gave a little ground on the Russian election hacking. The press immediately went on the offensive with this.

Let us take a look at the main allegations. First off it says that the Russians have been cultivating Trump for 5 years. 5 years. Let that sink in. If you asked anyone in 2014 Trump would have not have been in the top 10 of the next Presidents. Yet we are supposed to believe the Russians cultivated Trump in 2012.

Second we have the golden shower. According to the report we have Trump paying multiple prostitutes to pee either on him or on a bed that was used by President Obama in the Ritz. According to Paul Wood of the BBC not only does Russia have this material but Eastern European countries are aware of it as well. Eastern European countries who have the most to gain by an aggressive US policy towards Russia.

Let us take a look at the alleged incident. You have Trump. You have at the very least 2 prostitutes. You have a pimp or some other handler. You have whoever was with Trump as rich people don’t usually travel alone. You have the cleaning crew in the Ritz. You have whoever was managing them and you have the management and staff of the Ritz too. Trump is a very recognizable figure as well. All in all you have 10-20 people involved. Yet none of the various intelligence agencies can come up with a picture or video or anything like that? Only the russians can.

According to Paul Wood of the BBC the eastern european countries, he neglected to mention which, also have the information. Countries which have a vested interest in a hostile Russia-US atmosphere. You have France, Britain and Germany who have this interest as well. Not to mention the Chinese for whom a friendly US and Russia amounts to one of their nightmare scenarios. With all the people involved in the act itself and all the parties who would have benefited from a Clinton victory we did not have a single thing that came out before the election. But of course according to Paul Wood the CIA finds the accusations credible.

Lastly you have Mr. Cohen. President Trumps lawyer who was supposed to have been meeting Russian officials in Prague. Except his passport says that he was in the US at the time. We also have eyewitness reports placing him in the US as well. Yet Paul Wood says the CIA finds the intel credible.

None of the accusations make logical sense yet according to the media the CIA finds them credible.

At this point there is only one thing to do. The CIA and other government intelligence agencies must publicly reveal why they think this intel is credible and how they came to that conclusion. They must show the American people exactly how or denounce the information given by the media as false.

The intelligence has always said that they cannot do this because it would compromise sources. This argument no longer applies. According to these  allegations that the media says the CIA finds credible, you are about to have as commander in chief a person who is a puppet of the Russians. Trump will have the highest security clearance and will appoint various chiefs of his choosing. In that scenario your entire operation is compromised anyway. The media has painted itself into a corner in this one and I hope more and more people call on the CIA and other agencies to reveal all that they know or brand the media as liars.

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  1. The CIA and media will not denounce this report because it was never supposed to be vetted or analyzed to begin with. It was just a way of implicating Trump to the Russians and to provide plausible denial ie: “We had this report”. Yeah, sure you did.


  2. thats why we have to call on them to do it. Like I said if they believe this is true then you have no reason to protect sources anymore as they are all compromised. That has to be our answer to this.


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