Democrats Want Civil War Over Slavery: Again…


Four score and seven years ago, or however long ago the Civil War was, there was a Republican named Abraham Lincoln. He wanted to free the slaves and the democrats went crazy. They said President Lincoln was going to destroy their economy and way of life and said he was the most evil person in history. If Hitler were around at that time they would have used that comparison. Instead they compared him to the devil.

Fast forward to today. America is back to its old ways and we have developed another slave class. Just like in ancient Rome and the South of old these slaves were imported from their homes and made to work for the benefit of a foreign land. Along comes President Trump. Not only does he call for the country to free its slaves like President Lincoln did in the past but he goes a step further and calls for repatriation back to their homelands. As they did before the Civil War the left went crazy. They call President Trump Hitler, the devil, and other things. They grasp at straws at random unverified reports. Some even call for the declaration of martial law by the outgoing President. Sadly the country never learns. The democrats of old even use the same argument as the democrats of today.

Economy Needs Them

In the old South the slaves were needed to keep the plantations economically viable. The planters would not be able to make as much money using their cash crops if they had to pay someone an actual wage. Instead they had the slaves imported so they could get all the labor they want for the price of room and board. Not particularly pleasant room and board at that.

Today the democrats say the same thing. Who will pick strawberries at that low price? Who will pick our other produce? Who will work as our waiters , cooks, and other service jobs? We can’t afford to get rid of them and hire Americans as your prices will go up. The same exact argument was made then as it is now.

For their Own Greater Good

In the south the slave owners justified taking the slaves from their homes because it was for their own good. The countries that they stayed in are backwards and they would have no real opportunity in it. The slaves are taken care of here instead of being left to die. The crux of the argument was that it was for their best interests to be slaves.

We have the same argument today. We cannot let the slaves return home. They have opportunity in America that they do not in their home countries. They have to stay here as slaves to live a better life and they would be better taken care of than in their own country. There is no possible way that they could be skilled or talented enough to develop their home countries.  The same argument about how it is in the best interests of slaves.


The south said that Lincoln was not a legitimate president. Due to state rights he had no power to take their slaves away from them. They promised mayhem, protests, and civil disobedience if he was elected. They walked out on their own party when freeing the slaves was discussed. They said that Lincoln could not have won if not for the split in the democratic party (the Northern Democrats and Southern Democrats). They claimed a majority of Americans did not support Lincoln as only 40% voted for him and 60% for someone else. Military officers claimed they would not serve under Lincoln and began preparations. Ultimately this led to secession.

Fast forward to President Trump. The EXACT SAME ARGUMENTS are used. Trump could not have won if not for the split in the democratic party (Berniecrats and Hillary Supporters). A majority of Americans did not vote for Trump as more voted for other candidates despite Trump winning the electoral college. Military officers claimed they would not follow Trump during the election. Sanctuary cities have declared that they will not follow orders by the Trump government just like the southern states. Like the democrats of old the democrats now act like this is the end of the world. We now reach the logical conclusion of some high profile democrats calling for martial law.

150 years and no change in their stance or rhetoric. At this point we have to ask ourselves. What is it with democrats and slavery?

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