Foreign Involvement?


With all the noise coming out of the left in the past couple of days trying to delegitimize President Trump I thought I would compile a list of all the foreign entities that tried to influence the election on behalf of Secretary Clinton and the democrats.

Pope Francis (Catholic Church) – Released a statement saying that Donald Trump was not Christian if he wanted to build a wall along the southern border.

Vicente Fox (Mexico)- Constantly went on air saying that Trump was a liar, a bigot, racist, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

David Cameron (Great Britain) – Said that Mr. Trump’s thinking was stupid and wrong. Great Britain also proposed banning Mr. Trump from visiting the country.

Alwaleed Alsaud (Saudi Arabia) – Mentioned in a live interview that Mr. Trump was a disgrace and should withdraw.

Christine Legarde (IMF) – In another attempt to sway the public she gave an interview and said that she and her organization was concerned about Trump’s stance on trade.

Sandro Gozi (Italy) – Said that Trump’s solutions were false. No mention on the solutions of Secretary Clinton

Anders Rasmussen (NATO) – Mentioned that he had concerns for the future of NATO under Trump.

Manuel Valls (France) – Prime Minister of France said that Trump only stokes hatred. Which of course he knew would be played by our press to influence the populace.

Sigmar Gabriel (Germany) – German economic minister. Said that Trump is a threat to economic development.

Dar Al Ifta (Egypt) –  Official religious state body for Egypt. Printed an article saying that Trump’s rhetoric towards Muslims was dangerous to the American community.

Let us not forget the hacking and the leaks targeted at Mr. Trump. None of them were ever investigated, which is strange considering that the tax return was an actual federal document that was hacked or leaked while the DNC according to their very own statements was a private entity. They could have been hacked by foreign entities or the leaks could have been arranged or paid for using foreign funds.

Where is the outrage at these foreign countries trying to tilt the elections towards Clinton?


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