Guide to Using the Immigration Ban to Trigger Liberals

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Here are six handy ways to trigger your friendly neighborhood SJW.

Situation One- Muslim Ban

When they talk about the Muslim ban start freaking out about having to go to Malaysia to train a team to replace American workers and your worried about having to go back. When they say India is not included start freaking out about your vacation to Indonesia. When they say that’s not included too say that you have a girlfriend in Turkey and she is stuck there because of the Muslim ban. When they say that’s not included as well ask them I thought there was a Muslim ban?

Situation Two- Iranian Ban

Loudly start cursing Trump for ruining your travel plans. When they ask why say you were planning to attend a terrorist training camp but now Iran banned Americans from coming in. You were looking forward to it too.

Situation Three – Christian Refugees

Strike up a conversation about how the rights of minorities should be protected. Start with the Indian tribes in Standing Rock then start throwing some BLM for good measure. Once they start going tell them we need to start protecting the Christian minorities in Syria from persecution.

Situation Four- Country Selection

Say that whoever picked the countries is racist because of the countries he selected. When they agree with you start cursing Obama for selecting the countries.

Situation Five – Judicial System

Rant about how terrible the Judicial system is in the country and bring up that parties should always be represented whenever any decisions are made. When they agree point out how terrible it is that the Judge involved in the immigration case struck down parts of the Executive Order without even giving an opportunity to he government representative to speak.

Situation Six- Refugee Crimes 

Wait until they bring up that there have been no acts of terrorism committed by refugees from the countries banned. Agree with them and say that the cologne Rape spree was just mass rape and not technically terrorism and the truck driver in Nice was just taking a nice drive. Not to worry though we will be requesting a different set of refugees than those sent to Europe.

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