Trump Has a Mandate

Since the election there has been a running discussion as to whether or not Trump has a mandate. The short answer is yes he does. Before we begin we have to ask What is a mandate? To put it simply a mandate is a moral argument or force of persuasion that you use to convince... Continue Reading →

The Alt-Right View: War

There has been so many things to react to lately that I have not been able to do another one of these articles. This is the third article in the series. For this one I will be explaining our views on war. Note that trade wars are a subset of war and will follow the... Continue Reading →

Those Rascally Russians

We now have the next level in the attacks by the mainstream media against President Trump. Instead of the election being hacked to benefit him, it is now that Trump is a russian puppet because of all the compromising things Putin has on Trump. Notice this only happened when Trump gave a little ground on... Continue Reading →

Hacking Hypocrisy

The democrats have complained about the Russian hacking from day one. I have avoided the topic as much as I can as I could not see how anyone would take it seriously. Yet here we are and it is becoming the main point of contention of the democratic party. I guess you would need to... Continue Reading →

My R.S.V.P. for the Riot

Well yesterday happened. By now everyone will have seen the video of the black teens torturing the white mentally retarded one. All that is left is the rioting. If the riot organizers are reading this I would like to official R.S.V.P. for the riot. If possible I would like to request that we hold it... Continue Reading →

The Alt-Right View: Obamacare

For my second article in my series introducing the positions of the Alt-right. I will discuss Obamacare and healthcare in general. Since the Alt-right is less moored in conservative or progressive ideology and instead looks at things from a nationalist point of view we do have more freedom to look at things objectively. Like anything... Continue Reading →

The Alt Right View: Minimum Wage

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Alt-Right out there. When you ask anyone about it all they can say is "racist" or "white nationalist" without being able to name any single position of the Alt-right. In an effort to introduce the Alt-right and its many positions to everyone I will be starting an... Continue Reading →

The Hubris of the Irrelevant Press

Right after President Trump won the election you had the press screaming for more access. They were upset that he left his protective press pool to eat a steak and more recently to play a round of golf. The press have been demanding a press conference, more access to the president and his staff and... Continue Reading →

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