The Alt Right View: Justice Gorsuch


President Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch for the supreme court and I have seen very few articles on the reaction of the alt-right to the pick. By all accounts Gorsuch has an impressive resume hitting all the right law schools and positions. He has a view of the constitution similar to Justice Scalia and seems to be for term limits. He also seems to be pro-life and against the ability of federal agencies making regulations themselves as opposed to operating on the powers given by the legislature.

Not About Us

The stand of the alt-right is pretty simple. The Supreme Court pick is not about us. We got behind Trump because we shared his views on economic nationalism, strict border controls, and harsher stances against Islamic terrorism. The Supreme Court pick, while important was low on the list of our priorities. We do recognize though that there are some other members of the Trump coalition who voted for Trump exclusively because of the Supreme Court pick. It is much more important to us that they are satisfied with this pick than if we ourselves are satisfied with it. We recognize that we are in a coalition and each faction of that coalition has their own priorities. In order to keep the coalition strong and supportive of President Trump the individual members have to feel that they are getting their needs met. That way we get our priorities met as well. It does us no good if we are happy with this pick but the rest are not. In this issue as long as the religious right and traditional conservatives are happy with the pick then we are as well.

Core and Non-Core

The stance we have on this issue will be a recurring theme you will notice with the alt-right. We have stances on all issues but we realize which issues are our core issues which we cannot compromise on and which ones are non-core issues which we are happy to offer to our coalition partners in order to get our main agenda passed. In a previous article I mentioned our main ideology is pragmatic nationalism and we understand enough about politics to know that we are not going to get everything we want we just have to secure our core issues.

If you poll voters that identify with the alt-right I think you will find that a surprising number would be pro-choice and would be agnostic on gun rights. It just so happens that these issues are very important to the people willing to coalesce with us so we support them in it with the understanding that they would support us in the future as well.

From what I am seeing it looks like the conservatives and religious right are very happy with this appointment so we approve of it and are very happy with it as well.


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