Debunking the Travel Ban Myths


For today I will be listing down the common talking points of the left regarding the travel ban to the terrorist infested countries and debunking them one by one.

This is a Muslim Ban!

No. Nothing could be further from the truth. The ban is centered on nationality not religion. If the left would bother to look at the facts 90% or more of Muslims are not affected by this ban. Indonesia, India, Philippines, and many more countries which have significant Muslim populations are not affected.

One of the other complaints of the left is that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt are not included in the ban. That complaint alone acknowledges that it is not based on religion but on nationality.

This is a Win for Terrorists!

The argument says that since we lump all Muslims together then the terrorists win. Except it is not a Muslim ban as I previously mentioned. In fact since the left is adamant in included all Muslims in the ban even those from Indonesia or Malaysia that it was never meant to apply to then they are the ones giving the terrorists the victory. After all the order only applies to less than 10% of the worlds Muslims. It is the left who extends it to the other 90%

The Federal Courts Declared it Unconstitutional!

No they didn’t. One or two courts placed a temporary restraining order on it, some only for the jurisdiction of their districts. This is not a major victory or one that is important. There are liberal judges and there are conservative judges. Given enough resources I can find a judge to file a TRO for any law or executive order that has just been implemented. It is not a coincidence that the circuits that issued the TRO are among the most liberal in America. Eventually the case will make its way to the Supreme Court and it will be decided one way or another.

Yates said it was Unconstitutional! 

She never even offered any arguments as to why it was unconstitutional. All she said was that it was not in tune with the traditions of the DOJ and that it was not right. On this basis she told the entire DOJ not to cooperate with the White House. It does not get brought up enough but this abuse of power is unprecedented. Without any legal arguments offered it becomes a political move. Even if there were legal arguments there is a fundamental principle that acts by the executive and legislative have a presumption of constitutionality. This means that if there is any ambiguity or lack of clarity you are supposed to assume the interpretation that would have followed the constitution. What Yates declared was that there was no possible interpretation of the order that would have been constitutional she just could not be bothered to give a legal argument as to why.

But Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt!!!

The left also complains that we are not banning enough Muslims with the wholesale Muslim ban and we should include these countries as well. Don’t mind the fact that the left wants closer cooperation with NATO and now wants to ban Turkish nationals from coming to the US.

Is it hypocrisy that we allow these countries in despite some terrorists coming from them? Is it a double standard? Probably yeah. Welcome to the real world. There are some countries that offer valuable services to us that we have to use and there are other countries that provide more risk than service. It is a value judgement. If they are more trouble than they are worth they can go on the list if not they wont. As mentioned Turkey is a NATO member, Saudi Arabia is friendly enough to us in the area and is rich, and Egypt recently did us a huge favor by pulling its resolution to condemn Israel in the UN.

But Religious Minorities are Getting Special Treatment!

The left also complains that christian religious minorities in the affected countries are being prioritized. Do me a favor and bring this up to them next time they want special treatment for some other minorities.

It has been a long-standing feature of US refugee policy to take the most affected parts of the population first and prioritizing religious minorities. The left are just angry that this time Christians are the minority. It is not under dispute that ISIS treats Christians worse than Muslims. There are documented cases of Muslims beings spared while Christians got beheaded.

No Terror No Terror!

None of countries were involved in a terror attack in America. It is a well parsed statement and one that insults your intelligence. It assumes that you don’t see the rapefugee crisis in Cologne. The driving spree in Nice. The various other attacks in Europe. Even NATO commanders have said refugees are being by ISIS to infiltrate areas. It is not like we are getting a different set of refugees.

On a personal note the attack that scared me the most was not 9/11. It was the attack on Brussels. Time and other media sources reported that the actual target for the attacks was a nuclear power plant and they just went after softer targets when they believed they were about to be exposed. I can only imagine the damage a nuclear explosion would have caused.

Giuliani said it was a Muslim Ban!!

This one is pretty simple. People say a lot of things. Sometimes that’s all we have to go on but in this case we have the act itself. Does the executive order ban all muslims? The answer is no.

These are the common ones I see. If you have any others feel free to put them up in the comments and if I see a common thread ill add to the answers here.

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