Merkel is Close to Achieving Hitlers Dream


It has now been 70 years since World War 2 and the German dream continues. Merkel is well on her way to achieve the goals as determined by Hitler. If you recall those goals were expulsion and then later death to all Jews and German dominance in Europe over most of the other countries.

The Jewish Question

Merkel has made more progress towards expelling the Jews than any other German leader since Hitler. Record number of Jews have been leaving Europe since 2015 usually headed for Israel, the USA, or Canada. The record levels of emigration coincides with the decision of Merkel to unilaterally welcome millions of Muslim refugees from the Middle East which sparked one of the great refugee crisis Europe is now facing.

At the time she made the decision to unilaterally commit the EU in the major undertaking of welcoming millions of Islamic refugees everyone was confused as to why she made that decision. Now that we see the results the reasoning is clear. It is an understatement to say that there is some animosity between Jews and Muslims. Since the time of Hitler Muslim majority nations have banded together twice in an effort to eradicate Israel, the only Jewish nation on the planet. To this day Muslims still regularly send mortar, rocket, bomb, and other type of attacks into Israel. Some Muslim nations still deny the right of the Jewish state to exist as well. Importing an entire culture that hates the Jews would have the desired effect of expelling them.

Like Hitler Merkel will not stop at expulsion. As noted there are three major destinations for the Jews. Israel, USA, and Canada. Merkel has been very vocal about the USA and Canada accepting more Muslim refugees creating the same type of environment in those countries that have been successful in expelling the Jews from Europe. An inhospitable environment in those countries would then lead the Jews to go to the other destination, Israel. Germany under Merkel has been consistent in voting for sanctions against Israel at any opportunity and has generally sided with the countries who say Israel has no right to exist.

Continental Dominance

In the past Hitler tried to conquer Europe by force. He was able to get France and some other countries but ultimately failed. In the continuation of his dream Merkel has tried a different tactic. She has fostered the growth of the European Union. Of course this union is problematic for Germany as well. France and Britain are equally strong economies and in the case of Britain they have a stronger military as well. Instead of a system where Germany has complete dominance it is forced to share power with them.

Merkel in her usual brilliance used the same refugee crisis that helped expel the Jews to force out the economies that could survive on their own. Britain officially voted to leave the EU and by all indications France may soon follow. This then leaves the weaker economies which have been hurt by the strength of the Euro and by the refugee crisis as well. Greece who is on the verge of bankruptcy and unable to provide any social services to their people, has been denied any debt relief by Germany, yet has been criticized for not having the funding and infrastructure to deal with the refugee crisis. Germany as the dominant economy with the other weaker European economies attached to it is the European Empire Hitler always dreamed of. Once Germany is the dominant power we will see more consolidation of power in the EU and even a joint army moving it closer to a true German Empire.

We may hate the principles that Merkel stands for and her continuation of Hitler’s legacy but we cannot deny that she has been more effective at it than anyone else in history.


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  1. Strange interpretation of some cherry picked facts mixed with one fat lie. As such it can be seen this way.

    It is invalidated by taking into account that there are more immigrants in Europe (and of other places) than just refugees from war-torn neighbouring countries of the middle-east and northern Africa. You also omit that the big majority of these are seeking refuge because they are *not* Muslim or not “devoted enough” Muslim and are under threat of death and torture by the extremists. And the number of Jews leaving Europe for US, CAN or ISR is lower than the number of Jews leaving the former Soviet Union and its satellites *into* Europe. Also considering that additional members of EU “Exits” would end the Germans dominance of their economy is plain wrong – why should it? If at all it would strengthen Germany as leading power, forcing the weaker countries to do their bidding as a common market, thus pressing the former members to comply with Germanys wishes even more.

    An finally the lie: neither Merkel nor any other German politician in power during the last 50 years has ever said or acted in a way that can be interpreted other than siding with the country and the people of Israel (no matter whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or other belief). There had been disagreements on actions of the Israeli government, especially when it denied common rights to a group, or privileged others (especially extremist Jews or settlers towards Palestinians), but that is breach of international law that needs to be addressed, as it destabilizes Israel as a nation.


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