Pokemon and Islam

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When you look at facts objectively one cannot deny one thing. Mohammad was divinely inspired by Pokemon when he created the rules for women in Islam. I am well aware that pokemon came after Islam but the divine works in mysterious ways and the similarities are too close to discount.

Teams – In Islam there is a hard cap in the number of wives you can have four just as there is a cap in the number of pokemon you can have which is six. Unless you are Mohammad who can have unlimited wives you cannot break this cap. Islam theorists have also speculated that the reason that Islamic mean can have four different wives is for specialization. One would be for her godly character, one for her dutifulness and housekeeping skills, one for her beauty, and one to advance the social status of the man something akin to a political wife. Of course the specializations would evolve over time. It could be by fetish now. It is remarkably similar to pokemon. I could not have a team of 6 pikachus as that would leave me weak to earth type pokemon. I would need to specialize and have a fire type, earth type, and others as well.

Pokeballs- In Pokemon when you are no longer using a pokemon it is supposed to go inside its pokeball until it is needed again. Nobody knows what it does there or how it spends its time except it is always ready whenever you need it. Nobody can see the pokemon without the owner summoning it for his pleasure. In Islam we have the womans quarters or haramlik. The women are kept there until needed like the pokeballs and they can only come out in the presence of their trainers or husbands and other authorized male relatives.

Signature Moves- Whenever pokemon get into battles they always do what their trainer says. They will not follow any other trainer and they will even learn new moves at the instruction of their trainers. This is similar to how Islam treats women. Women are always to be subservient to men and follow whatever they say.

Gotta Catch em All – When you begin your pokejourney you fill up your team with whatever pokemon you can get. Then when better ones come along you either boot out the old ones or place them in storage. The same principle applies to Islam. You do not need to be picky about the first wives you choose. You can just say I divorce you thee times and you can get rid of your old ones to make room for new.

Trade- In pokemon you can trade your old unused pokemon with other trainers. Sometimes this is the only way to acquire special items or evolutions. The same is true with Islam. You can trade women with other owners either for other women or for goods and services.

Combat- In pokemon the trainer regularly seeks out other trainers to fight. In combat however the most sacred rule is that the trainers must not get hurt. The pokemons can do whatever they want to each other but the trainer. We see a similar strand in Islam. Women are kept around and used as human shields so that their trainers will not be targeted.

Capture- In pokemon when you capture a new pokemon you throw your pokeball. It does not matter whether the pokemon wants to be captured or not. It is the same with Islam. To add new women to your team you negotiate directly with her previous owner. The woman has no say.

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