The Democratic Play Book


I have looked thru the tactics of the democrats and found that they use almost the same tactic for each and every election and republican president. Without further ado I present the Democratic Playbook

The Republican is always Fascist, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic and Hitler.  Look at the previous election and a pattern emerges. Reagan was fascist Bush was Fascist Dole was Fascist Bush jr was fascist McCain was fascist Romney was fascist and Trump was fascist. The actual person on the ticket doesn’t matter. The narrative will always be that the Republican is all these things.

Once They are Not Relevant Republican Candidates are Great. Stop me if you have heard this before from a liberal. Romney was great compared to Trump. I would have supported McCain instead of Trump. Romney was a monster compared to Trump. I wish we had President Cruz! Liberals will try to pretend they are reasonable by virtue signalling that they would have supported previous Republican candidates.The reality is of course that they would never have supported any Republican over a Democrat.

Take Samantha Bee for instance. In one of her shows she was saying she would rather have President Cruz rather than Trump and listed off positive attributes about him. Yet a couple of months prior when Cruz was still a potential candidate she attacked him constantly.

There is also a corollary to this rule. I call it the crying wolf rule after Bill Maher apologizing to his conservative guests for crying wolf over the previous candidates. The corollary is liberals will always tell you that this particular one is the worst one and that they apologize about calling the previous ones Fascist until they start on the next one.

The Republican President is Incompetent. Whether it is Reagan, Bush v1, Bush v2, or Trump the Republican who wins the presidential election will always be portrayed as out of his depth and unprepared for the job. The actions of the people themselves don’t matter it is the fact that they are Presidents from the opposing party. This is used in conjunction with the last entry in the playbook as the previous Republican administration will always be spoken of in glowing terms.

We Were Cheated. Whether it is gerrymandering, voter suppression, or even now RUSSIANS democrats have never admitted to losing a legitimate election. We even have democrats complaining about how they lost the senate due to gerrymandering. This is why despite losing more than a 1000 seats you do not see any self reflection efforts that is equivalent to the autopsy that the GOP did when they lost to Obama.

A corollary to this is the voting against best interest rule. It reads anyone not voting for the democrats is uneducated and has been tricked into voting against their best interests. No legitimate reason for voting Republican exists.

A second corollary to this is that any minority who votes for the GOP not only does not have no legitimate reason for doing so but must be publicly shamed as an object lesson for the rest of the minorities not to rebel against the Democratic party. Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima used to be the public brands that the democrats would use but the party has evolved to use the more general Mediocre Negro.

The President must represent all Americans, using our policies. Once elected the Republican president must immediately enact all policies that the democrats want. If he does not do this he will be accused of not representing the views of all Americans. The reasons the voters may have selected him does not matter or any promises he made to them. The President must immediately govern as a democrat.

Not My President. This is a new addition to the playbook and one we are only seeing this election. Riots, demonstrations, full attack by the biased media, and calls from impeachment from day one. Full obstruction on every cabinet level nominee from the congress and lawsuits to halt everything else. The goal is to replace the President and any following him until a suitable democrat is found. All future Republican presidents will now have to deal with this tactic.


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