Milo Did Nothing Wrong


Everything Milo said in that interview is perfectly reasonable and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. In fact anyone who thinks otherwise should get off the internet as you will see a lot more unspeakable things which will offend your delicate sensibilities. I would advise skipping any liberal comedians as well as they routinely say worse things. I encourage everyone to actually watch the video for themselves. One of the best things about this time is that the original source material is almost always available online.

Legal Age vs Emotional Age

In the interview Milo was very clear that he believed the current legal ages are apt and should not be changed. In fact towards the later part of the interview he shows disgust and gravity when discussing the young boys involved in the parties in Hollywood. He clearly shows he does not approve of those things in that portion of the interview.

On to what he did say. It is perfectly reasonable to think that people evolve emotionally at different rates. Some people may be ready for sex at a younger age and some people may not be ready for sex even when they hit the age of majority. I hate to break it to everyone but teens have sex all the time. A quick google search will show you that in 2013 46% of high school students were sexually active. Those people obviously felt that they were mature enough to have sex before 18. Granted they most likely had sex with people their own age but Milo felt different. He felt that he was mature enough to handle a relationship with a 29 year old. According to Milo in his recent press conference he was a 17 year old having a relationship with a 29 year old man. Would this still have been illegal according to the letter of the law? Yes. If Milo complained about it at the time he would have been perfectly within his rights to have the 29 year old man arrested. Yet he didn’t because he felt he was mature enough to handle the relationship. I specifically point this out to show that other people who were forced into these relationships when they felt they werent ready can and should complain.

Underage Attraction

In his interview Milo pointed out that some men or women may be sexually attracted to teenagers. His host argued that only perverts would do that and that has been the media interpretation as well. Just as people develop emotionally at different rates people develop physically at different rates as well. It is absolutely possible to think a teenager would be over the age of consent just by looking at her alone. It is also possible to think that they would be sexually desirable. Milo makes a clear distinction between people whose bodies have not yet matured emotionally and physically and those who have.

Food for thought on this subject. Hustler videos has 140 videos in their barely legal series. 140. If there was no market for it there would not even be 5.

Support Relationships

Milo brought up that in the gay community there are relationships between homosexuals of different generations. Relationships are not purely about sex and according to Milo the older gays help the younger ones cope with their new identities. He says this is important as the younger gays may be repressed in their own communities as they may have parents who do not understand their identity and the partner in the relationship ends up being the only person the other one is able to rely on.

Having your identity repressed is one of the issues the left has been bringing up for decades. This is the reason why they say they have to identify whether or not your a tranny at grade one. In fact the gay muslim democrat who shot up the night club in Orlando was only supposed to have done it because his religion repressed his sexuality. If the gay community has found a way to deal with this between two consenting people then more power to them.


One of the major critiques against Milo is that he is treating the relationship he had at a young age as something that was beneficial to him and something that he wanted instead of something that harmed him. In other words he was expected to act like a victim and when he did not the left got mad.

The way you react to situations in life is the only thing you really control. If Milo felt that the relationship was beneficial to him then he is the only one who can make that call. The left should not force Milo and other people into a box to fit their narratives. I do stress again that other people will have different experiences and if they were forced to have sex without their consent by older people then they should absolutely file charges.

Why go after Milo?

Milo is not alone at being targeted. Ben Shapiro, Pewdiepie, any person who expresses a conservative or in this case libertarian viewpoint to the youth and is successful at it is being systematically silenced by the left. The left has long believed that students should only be able to hear liberal viewpoints and are counting on this for future elections. Anything that threatens this is met with instant hostility. The left not only tries to silence opposing viewpoints but rather tries to destroy the careers of the people who would threaten their monopoly.

Milo and others like him are finally making inroads into territory that have previously been exclusively held by liberals. Republicans should listen to the actual conversations and rally around these figures instead of falling for the fake outrage generated by the left. If we abandon Milo and others like him to liberals when they are attacked, or worse help them do it then no one would provide the valuable services they do. Remember they are only singled out because what they are doing is actually working.


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