Time to Ignore Democrats


Another day another Russian conspiracy theory, this time targeting the Attorney General. With all the people the democrats believe have been compromised by Russians it is amazing we have been an independent country for all these years. After all didn’t Obama himself say that Russia was not a threat and to tell Vladimir to wait till after the elections. Didn’t 20 or so democratic senators meet with various Russians to get the Iran deal in place?

It is time to admit that there is no sense in making compromises with the democrats. They will continue to try and destabilize the Trump administration to prevent it from doing anything useful so the democrats can claim victory in 2018. Republicans have to realize one thing. We control the Presidency, House, Senate, and soon the Supreme Court as well. The democrats have just as much power as we decide to give them. If we decide that they have no power then they will have none.

At the end of the day Republicans own this government. If the Trump administration succeeds then the Republicans succeed and will be making gains in 2018. If the Trump administration does not succeed then the party will be losing seats in 2018. With stakes like that would it not be much better to rely on ideas that you think will work as opposed to some sort of compromise with Democrats? They must be sidelined from power. All the votes should be done on straight party lines. If they want to speak, filibuster, or use some trick of parliamentary procedure then they can and we ram the provision thru anyway. The nuclear option should be taken for Gorsuch and any friendly conservative justice who wish to should retire so we can replace them with the next generation of conservative jurists. The battle lines have been drawn and Mccain and Graham must pick a side. If they want to support the Democrats then they do and  Pence must be brought in to resolve the tie breakers.

This is the Song That Never Ends

The Democrats don’t care about other countries interfering in our elections. If they did they would have reacted when the Pope tried to influence the election by saying Trump was not christian, or when the British tried to ban Trump from their country during the election, or when any of the other world leaders tried to influence the elections on behalf of Clinton. What they do care about is making sure the administration gets nothing done.

Not one step back should be the new policy of the Trump administration. When Flynn resigned from the Trump administration it was a mistake. No amount of appeasement will satisfy the left. Like the fascists of old they will keep taking every single time we give ground. When Flynn resigned they went after Sessions. If Sessions resigns they will go after someone else. If Russia is not the issue it would have been something else. The Democrats should be ignored. If they want to scream to the press then they can. If the voters want to hold the Republicans to account then they should but at least in 2018 there will be tangible results from policies implemented as opposed to baseless Russian accusations.

It Goes On and On My Friend

The establishment globalist media is also part of this assault. A recent study done showed that 88% of the headlines since the election were hostile to the administration. Bernie fans should be familiar with this type of media bias as they endured the famous 16 negative headlines in 16 hours from the Washington Post during the primaries.

The media does have the first amendment right to print whatever they want. They do not have a right to access and this should be the policy of the Trump administration. If the press want to print leaks and unnamed sources they can print all they want. The administration does not have to comment on it or provide any additional fuel to the fire. The public will eventually tire of the press running around like headless chickens.

Steps should also be taken to break up the current monopoly of traditional media outlets. There is nothing in the constitution saying that they should only be the ones to have access to elected officials. Online media should be promoted and assisted by this administration. Ted Cruz regularly appears with Crowder and Trump himself has appeared Infowars with Alex Jones. Ben Shapiro regularly does his show, Mark Levin, Tomi Lahren, Milo, and much much more. We have plenty of quality sources to promote to give the public a choice about which media to consume.

Some People Started Singing it not Knowing What it Does

A distinction must be made between the democratic party politicians and the voters. While the politicians and their media allies can be ignored most of the voters cannot. I say most voters because there is a certain subset of them that will not ever vote for a Republican and will not ever support anything a Republican does. For all intents and purposes that slice of the electorate can be lumped in with the Democrat politicians and left to shout themselves hoarse.

If its one thing the Trump campaign proved is that you can selectively target reasonable voting blocs from the other parties base and convince them to vote for you. It is all a matter of finding the right groups to target and avoiding dead ends.

And They Will Continue Singing it Just Because

Republicans should be prepared for the Democrats and their media allies to keep howling for the next 8 years. If they actually succeed and have a duly elected Republican president deposed then every Republican president moving forward will face this. A line in the sand must be drawn and must be drawn now. The GOP has just won its greatest victories yet and have not even begun to capitalize on it with the Supreme Court. We cannot be convinced by the media to give it all up. The only way they have the power to do that is if we give them the power to do so.


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