The Liberal Primer: Terrorism

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Greetings fellow liberals. In this section of The Liberal Primer we will be discussing how to deal with terrorist attacks. This is an extremely important topic as every year you will be dealing with 7-10 very public terrorist attacks. The public will be extremely agitated at this time and must be handled carefully. Handled correctly these attacks present great opportunity but can also cause great damage.

Phase 1: Preparation

As with anything else everything begins with proper preparation.  The period immediately after a terrorist attack happens will be the most critical time for that crisis. It will be the time when the emotions of the public will be most vulnerable and the when the most people will be paying attention to the event. It is imperative that the narrative be controlled during this time to maximize the gains realized from the attack.

Recall one of our earlier lessons in this primer. The Democrat Hierarchy of Victimization places Muslims and Islam above all other identity groups. They must be protected at all costs. The words Muslim or Islam must not be mentioned in the same paragraph as the terrorist attack. The public will demand to know who the culprit it. Refer to the same hierarchy. If you can blame the attack on a white person that would be the preferred outcome. If you cannot find a white male the Asians would be next as the BBC did with the recent attack in Westminster. No group is exempt from this . If we need to place the blame on Gay democrats like in the Orlando shooting then we will to protect Islam. There will be cases when there is no plausible scapegoat, we must learn to delay in instances like this. Insist that the investigation is not yet completed and must be done before the culprit announced.

In all likelihood the public will already know that the attack was done by Muslims. After all it is very hard to deny this when the attacker screams about Allah or swears fealty to Isis right before the attack. The key is to deflect or delay the actual admission for as long as possible. The longer that the admission is delayed the less people get to hear about it. Remember people will be paying the most attention right after the attack. We want to make the admission after most of them have tuned out.

Phase 2: Shock!

The attack will most likely not be the first one that the country has experienced. Whether the attack is the first, second, tenth, or the fiftieth attack our response must always be shock and outrage. We must always express shock at the event and insist that no one could have predicted or prevented the attack.

This is critical. The right will be trying to convince people that these attacks can be stopped with the proper policies. If the public believes that then they will push for these policies. Remember this is a very emotional time. The public must think of this like an act of God that cannot be prevented. In order to protect our Muslim superiors we must make sure to remove any causality between policies in place to protect against terror and the act itself. If people actually thought that they could be protected against these attacks then they would demand to do so and that is the last thing we want.

Phase 3: Virtue Signalling

It is important for the public to think that we are on their side after the event happens. The public will also be agitating to take action in the aftermath of the attack. We have to make sure that this energy is expended in the least productive way possible.

There is an art form to this. All the activities that are planned must be of a passive nature and must affect no real change. Putting the French or British flag in your social media pages, moments of silences, and turning off your lights are all highly recommended. They allow the maximum number of people to believe they are doing something while providing the least actual change. Having cartoon characters and comic strips participate is also welcome but must be handled very carefully. The characters must portray sadness and grief but no outward aggressive actions. You want Tintin crying at the unfairness of the world instead of Captain Haddock plotting bloody vengeance.

You will have to use your best judgement for these activities. Just remember that you want the most amount of people to know you commiserate with them, so it has to be highly visible, but with the least amount of change done.

Phase 4: Aftermath

During the event and for a short time after we play defense. When this time has passed we move to offense. For this phase we will use the event to further our agenda. If you would like to push for more gun control then you will make the argument that the attack was either caused by guns or would have been made worse by them. If Climate change is your pet theory then you would make the argument that terrorism is caused because of that. Same for immigration or any other topic you can think of.

It must be stressed again that other factors must be listed as the primary reason for the act. We have to take care not to implicate Islam while using the act of terrorism to push our agenda.


It can be tricky to navigate the times after a terrorist attack but if you use this primer you will be able to successfully do so. When in doubt consult the Democrat Hierarchy of Victimization it should allow you to avoid making any obvious mistakes. Remember fellow liberals Islam shall rise again with our help.


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