The Liberal Primer: Superheroes

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Greetings fellow liberals! Today we discuss culture. This is a very good discussion to pay attention to as it will give you insights into why we do certain things and what our long term plans are. Some of the other lessons in the other chapters of this primer may not even make sense if you do not grasp the concepts explained here. Notice that whenever conservatives or white people in general do something that we consider as cultural appropriation we strike back hard. If someone dresses up as an indian for Halloween or if God forbid a white person takes a role that is supposed to go to a minority we complain as loud as we can and get as many people related to the decision fired. Yet we appropriate things from them all the time and they do not resist. This is not a coincidence.

Phase 1: How?

Initially we started by placing cultural icons as alternatives to the ones created by the whites. The hope was that ours would be better and eventually make their white versions obselete. When we wanted a black iron man we made warmachine. When we wanted a female thor we created valkyrie. When we needed a black superman we created steel. Many other examples exist as well. We were wrong. The originals were just too engrained in the psyche of the American public and our alternatives never got off the ground.

At the rate we were going it would have taken forever to replace current culture with ours. The culture made by the whites had to be killed. Captain America was replaced with a black Captain America. Spiderman was replaced with a hispanic Spiderman. We screamed bloody murder when they dared cast a white person for Danny Rand in Iron Fist. We insisted he had to be oriental despite the comic book role being white.

I give a lot of comic book references here as they are visual and relatable so they are easy to understand. Make no mistake though we are doing this all throughout society. Do you ever wonder why we support Islam so much? It is because religion is a part of culture. Islam and Christianity will always be diametrically opposed. The more Islamics we have the weaker the Christians become as a force in society. If there is a society that promotes African American achievment or Hispanic achievment we will support that fully however if an organization dared to promote the achievments of white people we will declare them fascists. Special scholarships can only be created for our approved minorities. Scholarships for other non-approved groups will automatically be deemed racist. In music rap is an artform but country music is only fit for the intellectually deficient. We leave no stone unturned and you find this principle applied in the most interesting of places. If there was an all white gang and they had a war with an all black one and killed a fair number of them, we would declare that a hate crime and descend upon them with the full force of society. If an all Hispanic gang were to kill several whites or several black gang members we would just shrug and say that it is just another day in Chicago. Even in the underworld we make sure any organization that could possibly be used to promote white culture cannot exist.

Phase 2: Why?

The problem with white people is that they make up a majority of the country. At the same time they are at the bottom of the Democrat Hierarchy of Victimization. This is by design. The more people at the bottom of the pile the higher the rest of us can get by stepping on their backs. Think of it like the nobles exploiting the commoners in the middle ages. The more commoners a noble exploits and uses the higher he rises and the more comfortable his lifestyle.

The worst thing that can happen to liberals is if whites remember their common identity and voted as a block. If the white population voted the same way as the black population or even the hispanic population then everything would be over and we would lose every election. Not that we don’t lose most of it now. Culture is the key to everything. These cultural symbols serve as a unifying force and must be destroyed.

We have a very famous predecessor whose name I will not mention as it triggers people, that already realized this . Like you he was a liberal arts student and did make a living as an artist at first. He was the first to realize that in order to oppress a group you have to remove its culture. He declared that the untermenshen in his day only copied their culture and could not produce their own. It is very hard for us to do that now because too much has been attributed to our current untermenshen. We instead destroy what we can and remove any credit we can from them from the stuff we cannot destroy. We hope that someone in our current batch of liberal arts students contributes as much to our ideas as this person did. His book is reccomended inspirational reading. It details how he went about identifying a group who had all the capital in his society and how he went about destroying them. He is an example all liberals should follow.

Phase 3: What?

The key is to remove the untermenschen as a viable identity. A person can identify himself as asian and it would be ok. A person primarily identify as gay, muslim, black, Hawaiian, middle eastern, irish american, indian american, and any other version of American and it would be fine. The problem only arises when he identifies primarily as white. When that happens he must be labelled a racist, fascist, bigot, and any other terms we can think of.

When the identity of the untermenshen is destroyed they will have no choice but to join the identity of the other groups in society. Instead of identifying as white first they would identify as black, brown, asian, or whatever identity approved group they wish to join. Of course they would be the low person in this group as they will never truly be that identity. They will never qualify for the scholarships, rewards, and other benfits we choose to lavish on these chosen groups.

I hope this gives everyone a renewed sense of purpose. The day of fulfillment for the dream of all liberals is near.


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