Republicans: Open War is Upon You


As Aragorn said to Theoden, “Open war is upon you whether you like it or not”. The sooner Republicans realize this fact the better off we will all be. The Democrats have no interest in compromise. They only want one thing to topple the Trump presidency and install their queen Hillary Clinton. Failing that they would like to impeach Trump and secure majorities for both houses in 2018. Make no mistake they are out for your blood and will spare no effort to unseat you. In a sense it is no different from Republicans in 2008. The losing party always wants to get back into power. In another sense it is very different. We have never had an outgoing president work so hard to unseat the next one. Bush handed over power to Obama without any strings attached. Obama and his associates unmasked Trump and wiretapped his campaign. The Russia angle being played by the Democrats now is similar to the birther angle Trump played before. In that case though only the fringe of the GOP took part in it. Today we have the conspiracy played by the entirety of the party instead of the fringe.

Republicans need to nuke the filibuster to confirm Gorsuch.

Republicans need to confirm all of the appointments of the judiciary and executive by a straight party vote.

Republicans congressional leaders need to give input to Trump on what executive orders they need passes and they need to support his.

Republicans and Trump need to work together to pass bills and to nuke the filibuster if Democrats resist.

Republicans need to pass a budget that defunds all the programs used to house liberals and fund the wall and increased border security.

We are in a state of war and Republicans need to act like it. They have been given a gift by the American people and they should make the most out of it. If the GOP really believed in their principles and that they would benefit America as a whole they would act to implement them. If we succeed then we gain more seats but even if we fail there is honor in that failure. You did your best as you could but it just was not enough. That failure may even bring reelection in the future. Capitulating to Democrats like hobbits surrendering before rampaging goblins is worthy of nothing but contempt. If Republicans prove to be like this then there would be no difference between a GOP led legislature and a Democrat led one.


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  1. Here’s the difference. After giving the GOP the House, Senate, Presidency, Supreme Court, and most state houses, many of us are prepared to elect Mussolini if they still continue to play games and capitulate to the Left. Donald Trump is not a Hitler; he’s the last chance we’re giving everyone before we start looking for one.


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