Hitler was a Great Democrat


The Democrats like to compare Trump with Hitler. What happens when you actually take a look at Hitler? He looks very similar to our democrats today.

Fine Arts- As we can see a majority of the people who study the fine arts, performance arts, and other things of that nature are democrats. Hitler repeatedly tried to apply to Fine arts institutes while living in Vienna.

Hollywood and the Arts- We all know that everyone in Hollywood is a liberal and hates Trump and the Republicans. Recall that Hitler was old enough to have participated in World War 1. Living as a Bohemian painter in Vienna is as close to Hollywood as he could get.

Jewish Success-  Hitler believed that the Jews a minority in German society had nothing to do with their own success. They were parasites that manipulated and exploited the rest of the German population to gather wealth. In our time it is not controversial to say that the predominantly white countries in the US and Western Europe are preferable to live in rather than the Middle East, Africa, or India and China. According to the democrats this is not due to any special virtue of the population living in that country, which is a successful worldwide minority, but rather because of the exploitation of the other areas by the white race. They did not produce anything and are only wealthy because of the benefit they have derived from what the other races produced. The savagery of the middle east and Islam has nothing to do with their backwardness, the Indian caste system and the mandarin system of the Chinese have nothing to do with how harshly they exploit their labor class, and the infighting in Africa has nothing to do with their current status. It is all due to the parasites who produce nothing for themselves.

The Paris climate change accords are a good example of a codification of this world view. The developing countries produce most of the pollution but the most constraints have to be placed on the first world countries as they have to pay back for the pollution they caused before. If your real concern was climate change then you would go after those who cause the most pollution now.

Jewish Existence- As everyone knows Hitler tried to exterminate all the jews. The democrats have a similar goal. History teaches us that a static defense line, such as the Maginot line, will always fail while strategies involving defense in depth, such as the Russian campaigns against Napoleon and Hitler, have been more successful. By requiring the Jews to give up their land they are forcing them to rely on a static defense line rather than defense in depth. Anywhere from 1-4 to 1-2 of the worlds Jews live in Israel. Having it overrun by the arabs would certainly cause more casualties than the holocaust.

Welfare- Liberals are very concerned about welfare and insist that all people should share the same standard of living no matter what work they actually put in, a view that Hitler shared. The Winter relief program initiated by Hitler required everyone to give donations to the less fortunate and while donations were voluntary you could be terminated for not donating.

Culture- Hitler also enforced his culture onto his countrymen. The strength thru joy movement forced ordinary Germans to watch plays that were approved by Hitler. The democrats of today achieve the same results by exiling conservatives from Hollywood ensuring that only material with liberal viewpoints are fit for public consumption.

Racial Discrimination- Hitler believed that certain races should get certain advantages that other races should not. The Germans of course were at the top of his list. The British were there as well as he did admire a lot of their culture. The democrats of today practice the same discrimination. Certain scholarships are only available to certain party approved racial groupings. The primary requirement being support of the party. For instance democrats would approve of a scholarship devoted exclusively to Muslims but would cry racism if there were ever a scholarship devoted to whites.

Enforced Racial Equality- This is related to the previous point. When Republicans are asked what would make people equal it would be the free market. Companies who pick people based on talent will naturally succeed and companies that dont will fail. Hitler did not believe in this. The Jews had too much power and the Germans and other qualified races as chosen by Hitler had to be given opportunities by the government for equality. Today’s democrats are the same. It is not enough that Silicon Valley hires qualified Asians they have to hire a certain number of party approved races too. Same goes for college, housing, and other things. Race is the primary qualification not income or education which actually caused the mortgage crisis in the past.

Totalitarianism- Hitler believed that the person should look to the government for everything. Healthcare, work, culture, and even permission to reproduce. The democrats are taking us down the same path.

Religion- It is not true that Democrats abhor religion. They have no problem with Islam. They have a problem with Christianity. This is a view that they share with Hitler. He actually tried to dissolve the catholic church and place them under government control. When they resisted they were persecuted by the government. Their faith was mocked and various government institutions were used against them exactly like what democrats do now.

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  1. I agree with a good portion of your statements. Although I do not agree that Trump is any better then the Democrats, Republicans or any other sell out politician. The problem is the legalized corruption on Capital Hill and until the current lobbying practices are stopped in particular the $= free speech nonsense!


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