Ginsberg is Incapable and Should Resign


As the title states Justice Ruth Ginsberg has proven herself to be legally incapable of fulfilling her duties and must resign or be impeached and be replaced by someone who is capable.


In Hawaii v Trump the judge ruled that the statements made by President Trump during the campaign trail gave the intent of  a muslim ban to any executive order that his administration would make regarding an Islamic country. The judge explicitly said that the executive order was legal and valid and the only thing that implies bias onto it is the campaign statements. This implied bias is so strong that it survives subsequent attempts to change your position on the issue as Trump did moderate the muslim ban to a selective travel ban later on in the campaign. Similar lines of argument are also used in Washington v Trump and other cases related to the travel ban. This is not limited to Hawaii as well as the federal court decision in this case was applied to the entire country.

During the campaign Justice Ginsburg said some very harsh things about Trump as well. At one point she even said that she would leave the country if Trump got elected. She of course apologized for these public statements later on but according to the precedent set by Hawaii v Trump the damage had already been done. It would not matter how well-reasoned legal decisions she makes are, that would be irrelevant. The precedent as set by some of the most liberal courts in the country would mean that the motive for them would be bias against Trump. This would mean that legally Ginsberg would be incapable of providing a fair ruling against Trump, his associates, or even his supporters. The left should join us in asking for the resignation of Ginsberg as the law must apply equally to everyone.


The constitution does provide methods for removing Justices. It would be preferable if Ginsberg resigns but if she does not we can impeach her. The constitution states that justices hold their offices only during good behavior. This would include making decisions on cases based on their merit and not on the personalities involved. This should be enough to begin impeachment proceedings and get her removed. The bar for impeachment is of course a 2/3 vote in the senate. This would be daunting under normal circumstances but there are enough democratic senators who have publicly stated their support for the Hawaii v Trump ruling so should logically support this move or have to renounce their support for the original decision.


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