Obama Wiretapped Trump

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The narrative is crumbling. At first our President said that the previous administration wiretapped him and had his campaign under surveillance and the media said it was impossible. Obama was too nice. Despite reporting from left wing sources like the New York Times about how the Trump campaign and its associates were listened to. Then we had Nunes who said the FBI incidentally collected information on the Trump campaign. We were told by the media that the benevolent FBI only had that because the Trump team was communicating with the Russians. The FISA warrants could never be used on American citizens despite the democrats complaining that the FBI had the senate under surveillance recently. Then we have Susan Rice outed as the person responsible for multiple requests to unmask General Flynn. The media could not even defend this one.

The Smoking Gun

We now have a new development. It is as close to a smoking gun we are going to get in this case.  It has been revealed that Carter Page, an adviser to the Trump campaign has been the subject of a FISA warrant. The FISA court is for all intents and purposes an entity that rubber stamps any requests made by the FBI. Fewer than one in ten thousand requests are denied by this court. Even with this absurdly loose standard the Obama administration had their initial two requests declined and had to cherry pick a different judge at a later date to get their requests thru. If Nixon had a tool like the FISA courts he would never have had to resort to burglars.

This is groundbreaking. The left insists that Trump associates could only have been picked up in incidental collection if they spoke to Russians under surveillance and any information would not have any political value. With this new development it means that any Trump associate who spoke with Carter, an American Citizen who was part of the campaign, would have been picked up. There is no question that information of political value would have been picked up. The FBI were literally listening to two members of the campaign speaking to each other how could they have not? It would be similar to Podesta, who had much stronger ties to Russia than Page, being listened too. All you would get is political information.

Now that we know the FBI had political information on the Trump campaign we also have to remember that Susan Rice did request multiple times for the unmasking of Trump associates and that President Obama himself relaxed the rules for the sharing of information between agencies. Obama staffers also admit they encouraged the information to be shared around the capital and the intelligence agencies themselves show that they have no problem leaking information. What else do we actually need?

Pardon Obama

This may be an unpopular opinion but we cannot jail our first African American President like a common thief. It would cause too much civil strife and we have to admit that Obama deserves the same consideration as President Nixon. It is time for all of us to call on President Trump to officially pardon former President Obama for all his misdeeds.


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