Obama Wiretapped Trump: Step by Step

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I have been getting some requests for clarification from my article yesterday. Some readers have asked me to clearly map out the steps taken by the Obama administration to wiretap trump.

Step 1: Create Russian Suspicion

The first step is to blame everything that goes wrong with the Clinton campaign on the Russians. It does no matter that the DNC colluded to keep Sanders out of the nomination all that matters is that the Russians released the emails. This creates a valid reason for Obama and Clinton loyalists in the intelligence community to use begin using the powers of the government against the Republicans. At this point it is important to note that just by referencing the act as one of hacking is already a victory for Team Obama as the one actor with a perfect accuracy rating in this entire scandal, wikileaks, claims it was a leak from the DNC. They mentioned a staffer disgruntled by the treatment of Senator Sanders.

Step 2: Look for Russian Connections

Now that you have created a reason to believe it was the Russians it is now time to look at the various people connected to the Trump campaign and see if any are connected to Russia in any way. It is important to remember here that at this level people are connected with each other worldwide. Political operatives work all around the globe and people in the Clinton campaign like John Podesta had much stronger ties to Russia than some of the people in the Trump campaign. They just happened to be Democrats and not Republicans. Nations all over the globe were trying to help their preferred candidate get elected as well. Lawmakers in Britain even discussed banning Trump and the Pope himself tried to paint Trump as a non-believer in an effort to dissuade catholics from voting for him. It just so happened these foreign actors attempted to help Democrats and not Republicans so the Obama administration did not mind.

Step 3: The FISA Warrant

When you monitor communications between Trump campaign staff and Russians there is a good chance you would get nothing of political value. They are after all not in the same campaign. In order to get actionable intelligence for the Clinton campaign it would be important to monitor the communications between the people inside the Trump campaign itself.

This is where the FISA court comes in. Once you start monitoring people inside the campaign itself speaking with each other there is no way you can avoid picking up conversations with political value. Historically the FISA court has served as a rubber stamp for previous administrations, declining a grand total of 11 out of more than 30000 requests. It is a testament to how off base the Obama administration was that even the FISA court balked at what they were trying to do. The FISA court had to refuse Obama twice, which is unprecedented, before the Obama administration decided to approach another FISA court judge which provided their rubber stamp.

Step 4: Leak Leak Leak!

Now that the Obama administration had the information with them it was time to disseminate it. With their control over mainstream media this would have been the easiest part for the Democrats and the Obama administration. Leaked emails from the DNC show widespread collusion between the media and the Democrats going so far as to request questions to ask of the opposing campaign. The intelligence community is already leaky at the best of times but when encouraged by their bosses they will go into overdrive. Staff associated with the Obama campaign said on live television that they actively encouraged information to be given to the media and congress, Obama himself loosened the regulations against sharing between agencies to ensure that the maximum number of people had the opportunity to leak, and Susan Rice requested the unmasking of American citizens to make it easier to give the information to the media.

Step 5: Pardon Obama

This is worse than Watergate. At least Nixon had the decency to use criminals. Obama subverted the structure of the entire government in order to use it to spy on the campaign of President Trump. If Nixon had an entity like the FISA court he could have used Watergate would never have been known to the public.

Still we have to be merciful. We cannot have our first African American President end his life in jail. It would not be fair to the African American community. We should petition President Trump to #pardonObama.


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