Ginsberg is Incapable and Should Resign

As the title states Justice Ruth Ginsberg has proven herself to be legally incapable of fulfilling her duties and must resign or be impeached and be replaced by someone who is capable. Precedent In Hawaii v Trump the judge ruled that the statements made by President Trump during the campaign trail gave the intent of... Continue Reading →

4D Chess: The Syrian Strike was Necessary

The Trumposphere is alive with denunciations from his closest supporters. Milo, Ann, Watson, and even Alex Jones are all up in arms about the missile strike into Syria. They are all wrong. If you want the promise of jobs fulfilled, more equitable trade terms with China, and a handle on North Korea then this strike... Continue Reading →

Hitler was a Great Democrat

The Democrats like to compare Trump with Hitler. What happens when you actually take a look at Hitler? He looks very similar to our democrats today. Fine Arts-¬†As we can see a majority of the people who study the fine arts, performance arts, and other things of that nature are democrats. Hitler repeatedly tried to... Continue Reading →

Republicans: Open War is Upon You

As Aragorn said to Theoden, "Open war is upon you whether you like it or not". The sooner Republicans realize this fact the better off we will all be. The Democrats have no interest in compromise. They only want one thing to topple the Trump presidency and install their queen Hillary Clinton. Failing that they... Continue Reading →

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