100 Days of Winning

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It has been 100 days since the onset of the Age of Trump and it has been a fun ride. Everything seems to be moving in hyper speed and it feels like Trump has been President for years. There are some things i love and some things that I am not too fond of but overall I am pleased. I would rate his first 100 days as a success.

Think back to when you first supported Trump. Why did you do it? For some people it was all about the courts and getting more conservative justices. For others it was economic nationalism. We needed jobs back into this country. For more people it was about the fight against terrorism. Immigration and the 2nd amendment was also an issue for a lot of people.  What unifies us is our desire for change and in this regard Trump has delivered. We wanted something different from what previous administrations had done before. Clinton, Bush, and Obama largely delivered the same economic and foreign policies despite all claiming to be agents of change in their particular elections.


The age of Trump has had the biggest impact on the legal system. Justice is of course a great pick. Almost all of the people who support Trump support Gorsuch too. Most people who do have some sort of issue with the Justice would have just preferred a different name but would have made a pick that is just as conservative. This is a change from the type of justices that Obama would have selected.

The biggest benefit of the Trump presidency is that it allowed the judicial system to display its arrogance. In Hawaii v Trump and other similar cases the liberal courts have stated, in their legal decisions, that the travel ban and other acts are unconstitutional on the sole basis they were done by President Trump. If any other President had done the exact same executive orders then they would suddenly be constitutional. Nothing could showcase the need for judicial reform more than the courts acting on their animus towards one person.


Another area where our President has been very successful. Almost every source I have seen confirms that illegal immigration and border crossings are down. This is despite unprecedented levels of obstruction from the judiciary. It turns out all that is needed to curb the problem is government officials who are willing to enforce existing laws. It costs a lot of money to have the cartels smuggle you across the border, Visa application processes are lengthy and plane tickets are expensive as well. Once the potential illegals picked up on the fact that we would begin to enforce our laws there it made no sense for them to continue.

That takes care of the present but we also have to take care of the future. This means only one thing. Build that wall. An everlasting testament to our commitment to following the laws and policies of our country. One that cannot be turned off by future administrations. We can only hope that congressional Republicans realize that they work for their voters and work with him on it.


We are in a unique time in history. Companies are actually afraid of sending your jobs overseas. With his use of twitter our President has made it clear that there will be public relations consequences for companies who outsource. This has stopped a lot of the damage and has even managed to fix some of it as companies put extra effort into making sure that the jobs stay in America. The stick only goes so far though. It only ensures that companies are afraid to leave the country. Given enough incentive from other countries they will still do so.

The other half is the carrot. We have to make sure that America is a place that they want to do business in and not just a place that they are forced to be in. The tax reform package takes care of that. A one time fee for repatriating funds. Lowering the tax rates from 39% to something more reasonable. Streamlining the deductions of the tax code to make them easier to apply. All are things that help the country be more attractive to business. Requiring companies to buy American and hire American and rewarding them for doing so, easing regulations, and issuing more favorable executive orders for American companies all help as well.


We can see that America is finally getting the respect it deserves worldwide. Other countries may not like it as this means they can take advantage of us less but the respect is there. Mexico and Canada have asked to renegotiate NAFTA. Trump has also pulled us out of the TPP. Russia and China our two great competitors in the world have become more friendly and willing to work with us in the Middle East and North Korea. It is worth noting that in the Obama administration Russia gave the US the same status as ISIS in their recent peace treaty in the middle east and China would not even give Obama the same recognition that it gives lesser states. You could feel their contempt for the United States but no more.

It is concerning that the President launched a missile strike into Syria. Yet what is one more missile strike in the Middle East? Its just another grain of sand in the desert. The residents send out their children to kill others as suicide bombers and kill more before lunch than the US does in one missile strike. The fact that it was used to get a better negotiating platform with the Chinese alone justifies it. A couple of missile strikes here and there to further our interests is acceptable.

North Korea is a difficult situation as well and worries me more though I am willing to give our President a lot more leeway on it. Every single President all the way to Obama has punted the issue. It is very possible that Trump will punt on the issue as well. Yet the problem still remains and has to be dealt with sometime. It is very possible that the next President will have to deal with North Korea as they have nukes capable of reaching Los Angeles. I hope we resolve it before that even if the solution hurts.

100 days have passed. Here is hoping to many more days of winning.


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