The Liberal Primer: Trump, Ice Cream, and CNN


Greetings fellow liberals! This is a special edition of the Liberal Primer. We finally have it. Conclusive evidence that President Trump is a racist, fascist, sexist, white male! This is it this will finally bring down his presidency! We had CNN one of our puppet networks blast the news today. President Trump eats 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream after dinner. Yes you read that correctly 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream! We had our puppets discuss this for hours to underline its importance! Im sure you already realize it by now but let me spell it out for you just in case.

Pouring Over Chocolate Cake

White vanilla ice cream was poured over black chocolate cake! The white ice cream was poured over the black cake! There can be no clearer sign that President Trump wants whites to rule over blacks.

Only Vanilla Ice Cream

Only vanilla ice cream was served! No black , brown, yellow, or ice cream of any other color. This clearly shows that President Trump wants a world of only white people.

Thousand Island Dressing

Only Trump has Thousand Island Dressing! There can be no clearer sign that the President wants to conquer one thousand islands! Just like Hitler!

Diet Coke!

President Trump has diet coke! Why not Pepsi! Why not Sprite? Clearly Trump is a puppet of Coca Cola and has been compromised. Coke clearly has compromising pictures of Trump.

Pence Gets Fruit Plate

This is final confirmation that Mike “turning fruits into vegetables” Pence prefers fruits to pie! He prefers gays to women.

Thousand Island Dressing

He likes Thousand Island Dressing! This was made in North America! President Trump is clearly showing his ethnonationalist leanings!

Two Scoops

The President gets two scoops of ice cream while everyone else gets one! He is clearly using a North Korean or Russian style gulag system where he starves the people who work for him.

Diet Coke and Water

The President drinks diet coke and everyone else water. This is fat shaming and a subliminal message for everyone to get thinner as the President wants his army of superior men! Just like Hitler!

With all this new evidence how can the President hold on? The resistance will be victorious!

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