Did Sanders Back Hillary to Protect Jane?

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There have been a lot of theories as to why Bernie Sanders would back Hillary Clinton after the primaries. After seeing all the available evidence I would like to offer a new one. Bernie Sanders backed Hillary Clinton to protect Jane Sanders from an FBI investigation. As everyone would now know it seems like Ms. Sanders was under investigation from her activities with Burlington College. The allegations surfaced all the way from 2015 and 2016 but never really gained prominence until recently. My theory is this. Despite being cheated by the DNC Bernie was forced to swallow his pride and endorse his opponent because they would escalate the investigation against Jane if he did not.


New evidence has come out that the leak was from Seth Rich. According to the police he was murdered in a botched robbery. He was killed in a supposed robbery that left all his valuables alone a couple of days after he contacted wikileaks. Others still cling to the Russia theory. Whichever one is correct everyone involved has admitted to the veracity of the emails. There was no way that Bernie could not have known how savagely the DNC cheated him.

Leaks and Wiretapping

As you can tell by the number and frequency of the leaks in the Trump administration there is a faction of the administrative state that is personally loyal to Obama and the Democrat party over and above their loyalty to the country. We can see with the multiple FISA requests and unmasking of American citizens that this loyalty extended to the FBI. If Obama and the Democrats did threaten to escalate the case as punishment for a disloyal Bernie they could definitely have done so. If the Clinton run was successful they would have been in position to permanently suppress the investigation as well.

Time Frame

As most of you would know the issue came to light in 2016 when Burlington College was forced to close its doors due to big loans it could not pay off. At that time it was already brought up that the loans happened during the term of Jane Sanders. Of course since then Jane Sanders had already resigned. Nothing more was brought up despite the Burlington board recently admitting that the FBI and Department of Justice were looking into the loan for more than a year. The only time that this started surfacing was when Hillary Clinton lost and new people were brought into positions of power. The timing itself is very suspicious.

Motive and Capability

We can see from the wikileaks emails that the Clintons were more than capable of setting up deals for vice president in exchange for support and making sure the proper cronies were in the right place for her run. Throughout their careers they have also been hounded with links to multiple crimes and smear campaigns against women who have accused Bill Clinton of raping them. An offer to suppress an investigation or a threat to escalate it is something that they could definitely have done. This would not even be particularly heinous for Clinton and the Democrats.

Let us also not forget that multiple Obama and Clinton surrogates place the blame of the Clinton loss on Bernie not being supportive enough. Something smells fishy in the FBI.


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