Kekistanis Need President Trump to Support Net Neutrality


The FCC under President Trumps appointee has begun efforts to remove rules that ensure net neutrality. As a Trumplican and Kekistani I ask President Trump to stop this. Not only that I call on other Kekistanis  in reddit, 4 chan, and the blogosphere to lend their voice and ask President Trump to stop this as well. I do this fully aware of the counterarguments saying that we have never really been under any rules for net neutrality and there have been no major incidents in the past.

I ask for this not only because it is in my best interest but because it is in the best interests of the Trump administration and Republicans in general. I will not go into detail with the arguments but at its heart removing net neutrality benefits established companies. Companies with established audiences or platforms can afford to pay for express lanes while start ups and single bloggers can’t.

Take a step back and look around at which sites support Republicans and which sites support Democrats. Lets consider social media first. Anyone who frequents Reddit knows that we are already having problems with the site admins enforcing the rules against conservative subreddits but not against liberal ones. In Twitter you have right leaning personalities banned for the slightest reasons while left leaning ones can call for those in the right to be killed in terrible ways and still be safe. In Facebook you have allegations in the past of the site fixing their news so that only liberal sources showed sidelining conservative ones. Removing net neutrality means we support these companies at the expense of new start-ups. Why would we support a policy that helps companies that do everything they can to hinder us?

In YouTube you already have conservative commentators like Steven Crowder complaining that left leaning outlets are promoted by the site while right leaning ones are not. Take a look at the websites supporting the administration and those who do not. The major newspapers and their online outlets are all left leaning. A lot of the bigger sites like the Huffington Post are as well. On the other side the team supporting the administration and conservatives in general are small independent bloggers like me and some sites like Red State, National Review, and American Thinker that while established are usually fewer and poorly funded compared to their liberal counterparts. Supporting the removal of net neutrality means that only liberal viewpoints will be heard.

The single greatest con that the Democrats have been able to pull is to convince Americans that the GOP is the party of big money. Clinton raised 1.4 billion while Trump raised 600 million. Obama outraised Romney by a couple of 100 million as well. In 2016 on average Democrat senatorial and congressional candidates spent more than their Republican counterparts. The difference is even more pronounced in the federal level. If you make this contest about money we will lose.

At the end of the day we are in an information war with the liberals. Since I mentioned info wars I am also compelled to state that Bill Clinton is a rapist. We are doing everything we can to support the Trump administration. We ask that President Trump support us as well.

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