The Liberal Primer: Economics


Greetings fellow liberals! Welcome to another installment of the Liberal Primer. Today we will be discussing the economy. Do not zone out just yet. This is really important to the liberal agenda. To the naked eye it would seem that we know nothing about the economy after all we are the party that asks for higher minimum wages while at the same time demanding more slave labor be brought in from Latin America. This is only partly true. We don’t really care about the economy. We just make contradictory demands so that they cannot be met. After all they both sound good until you think about them. While the economy is not our priority there are still some very useful concepts in the economy that we do use and liberals should be aware of.

The Law of Supply and Demand

The law in our case is very simple. We demand more racism but society is unwilling or unable to supply it. Since the demand is more than the supply we have to produce more racism for the demand to be met. We do this in two ways. First we have our own liberal operatives commit the racist acts. Our arm in the media does an excellent job of covering it up but most of the publicized attacks done since President Trump got elected were done by people of the same race or were outright hoaxes. They do get caught afterwards but that hardly matters. We can get them off on something relatively minor and our arm in the media will make sure to bury the reports. Second we expand the meaning the racism to include more things. We already have studies declaring the word “American” as problematic and full of privilege. It is only a matter of time when we can ban the word itself. The goal is to make sure that everyone goes through life doing at least one thing we consider racist or privileged. This makes them feel guilty and malleable to our will.


Salesmen have something the ABC’s of selling. Always be Selling. Regular people may not always recognize racism when they see it and they may not label it properly. It is up to we liberals to make sure that racism is properly identified. Of course by properly identified we mean that everything should be labeled as racist. It may seem difficult at first but all it requires is the proper mindset. Remember you can find racism in everything. If someone orders vanilla ice cream that should be takes as white supremacy. If someone has ice cream a la mode then that is code for white people over black people. Let us not forget that milk is racist as well. Remember Always Be Selling Racism.

Buy Low, Sell High!

In a nation of 100’s of millions of people there will always be racism somewhere. Your job as liberals is to take those isolated incidents, or buy low, and make it seem like they are happening everywhere and that slavery days are just around the corner again, or sell high. Every single event of racism whether real or instigated by fellow liberals must be given prominence and reported nationally. This keeps our pet minorities on edge and ready to defend the Democrat Plantation. Just don’t tell them we already keep illegal immigrant slaves or they might riot.

Location, Location, Location!

Do you ever notice how groups like the KKK only appear every four years and only seem to do so in swing states we think we can win? In 2016 they were holding marches in North Carolina. This is not a coincidence. The blacks need to be on edge on election time so they return to the vote plantation. They know we jail them, label them as super predators, and make sure that any jobs they may be able to get go to illegals, but as long as they believe that the other side wants to return them to slavery they will vote for Democrats.

Remember these principles of economics and our stock of racism should rise to all time highs!

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