The Masochist Ctrl-Left


I recently wrote an article labelling the ctrl-left and discussing their methods and tactics. What I left out is the goal. Why do they seek to control what you can think and do? What type of world do they seek to achieve? The fundamental nature of the ctrl-left is masochism. They enjoy their own pain and suffering. Their ideology denies credit or pleasure they get for their own achievements and amplifies the credit others get for theirs. While any credit and pleasure is denied any pain or blame is amplified and assigned to the person. This works on both a micro-personal level and a macro-cultural level.


The best example of this attitude is the “you did not build that” speech by President Obama. He was telling business owners that they were not entitled to the fruits of their labor because they are not responsible for its success. This is evident in colleges as well. If you succeed as a white male then you have either white or male privilege. If you succeed as a white female then you have white privilege. If you succeed as an asian then it is because you are asian. If you succeed as a minority female then it is because of your community. It is never because of you or your efforts. The situation is different when the person next to you succeeds. When that happens it is purely due to his efforts and he is lauded for overcoming adversity or some other reason the left can think of. In fact the more you succeed because of your privilege then the greater your guilt because you have gotten things that you did not earn.


This operates on a cultural level as well. The best example for this is terrorism. What does the ctrl-left say when they discuss the origins of terrorism and how to combat it? It is because of climate change, income inequality, racism, and a whole host of other things which is blamed on the west but not on Islamic culture. The terrorists are not the problem, we are. We pollute too much, earn too much money, or give enough to the countries with terrorists in them. If only we did that then terrorism will stop.

Listen to the left when they talk about various cultures worldwide. Every single culture is celebrated for something that the contribute except for western culture which arguably has contributed the most to the world. Just like in the personal sense when a culture that is not western succeeds it is because it overcomes adversity. When the west is successful it is not because of any merit of its people or economy but rather because they exploit the other countries in the world. In essence if there is any good that happens it is to the credit of other cultures but if anything bad happens it is the fault of the west.


This is why I am against social justice warriors. At the end of their road lies a society full of bitter servile creatures. Bitter because you are not allowed to take any credit for your achievements and servile because achievements others achieve are to be hailed as triumphs against adversity. In that society the greater your success the greater your guilt for gaming the system and the greater your neighbors success the greater his triumph. When that creature virtue signals it is because it is all he has left. There lies an inherent desire in any person to prove that he is better than the person next to him. On this road the only avenue he has left is to prove he is more servile and broken than the creature next to him. I do not wish to live in this society.


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