Political Assassination #BloodonTheirHands


A terrible incident happened in that baseball field yesterday and we can never truly process the event until we are honest with ourselves at what occurred. It was not left-wing terrorism nor was it a random act of violence or any other name we could come up with to sugarcoat the event. It was an attempt at political assassination plain and simple. All of these things cause tragedies but with political assassination there is an attempt to sway the balance of power towards your chosen side.

This was not the first time political assassinations happened in America. 6 years ago you had Gabby Gifford. Before then you had Reagan and of course the most famous one would be the Kennedy assassination. This assassination was unique among others though and represents the first of its kind. In all other cases the assassins knew who their target was going to be. They wanted to kill Reagan, Gifford, Kennedy, or whoever the target was and found a way to do it. In this case the Democrat Assassin did not know who he was targeting specifically. It was enough for him that the victims would be Republican lawmakers. The hatred is not for a specific person but rather for the party itself and everyone in it.

It is clear that the Democrat Assassin did not like how Republicans voted in certain bills and thought that they were pawns of Russia, destroyers of the planet, or whatever narrative the media was pushing that particular day. He then decided to eliminate any Republican lawmakers he could. If the Democrat Assassin was successful there would have been major implications. First off any Republican lawmakers slain would need to have special elections to fill their seats. This creates opportunities for Democrats to win those seats. More significantly this means that the slain Republicans cannot vote. This is even more important for Democrats as they would most likely lose the special elections anyway.

I want everyone reading this to consider the implications if the Democrat Assassin were to be successful. Details are thin on who was actually there but we can confirm that Rand Paul was in the area. The GOP only has a two seat majority. If Rand Paul died that majority would have dropped to one making everything harder to pass. If there were two or three more senators in the area then the GOP would not be able to pass anything until special elections were held eating up more of President Trumps term. Publicly the Democrats would mourn but privately they would be cheering. After all they have stopped a party they deem as traitors and racists.

Democrats are absolutely responsible for this assassination attempt. For months Democrats were told that by keying everything to 10 they would have nowhere to escalate to. Every issue was life or death. Every issue was the Republicans destroying the world, being puppets to Putin, or strangely enough bringing about world war 3 by fighting with Putin’s allies Iran. Every violent outburst was cheered on by the left as a necessary part of resistance. After all they were fighting for the future of the world. Is it any wonder one of the faithful brought it upon themselves to go lawmaker hunting?

Every time the Republicans say something slightly off Democrats accuse them of dog whistling to racists. With their rhetoric Democrats have been dog whistling to these potential assassins. The honorable thing to do would be to own up to it and apologize to the people for bringing this to the country.


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